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Don't Buy Mercedes Benz, they Blow Up Like Ford Pintos, Don't Die a Horrible Death Like Michael Hastings

Whatever you do, don't buy a Mercedes Benz. You may die a horrific death in a car accident driving them. They are worse than the 1971 Ford Pintos that burst into flames in an accident.

The acclaimed reporter and author Michael Hastings died in a horrible death only going about 100MPH in his new C250 Coup Mercedes. I hope they don't drive these cars on the Autobahn. Avoid buying these cars at all costs.

Michael Hastings "CAUGHT ON TAPE" Running Red-Light Seconds Before Crash

Ford Pinto Crash Test

MSRP $37,800
2012 Mercedes-Benz C250 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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Still Very Strange

I have been trying to piece this together from bits of video and photographs, until I came across this Loudlabs News Video. Very explict video, esp if you go large screen, the graphics are very good.


So, lot of things going on in the video, 2 explosions which I surmise to be the right rear tire and the left front tire, although there is nothing left of the left front of the car and I could not see the tire anywhere, so ? the explosion.

The water coming up is not from a fire hydrant, it is some type of irrigation main line that had a riser pipe above ground. In a different video, they show it a few days later with a new cover and what looks like a broken 3 or 4" steel pipe just below ground level. There are some green irrigation boxes next to it, so was probably not a fire hydrant, and there is not a hydrant to be see anywhere in the Loudlabs video of the debris fields. I speculate that when he jumped the median curb and ran over the pipe, it may have split the gas tank open.

The car definitely center punched the tree as he was onto the median already. Another video shows scrape marks on the curb and tire marks about 20 to 30' before the broken pipe. But, the tire marks were just tire marks on the grass, not skid marks or evidence of locked brakes/wheels.

He hit the palm tree just left of center of the vehicle, as the right side fender and right wheel are more visibly there than the left side. Upon impact the car obviously pitched upward (rear end coming up) to such an extent that the front of the roof line is caved in from striking the palm tree. This is also evidenced by the marks on the palm tree 5' to 6' up.

Now this is where I would really need to see the car, as I have no idea how the engine and transmission ended up directly ahead of the impact and so far away. If he center punched that palm tree, the engine should have been crushed back into the firewall and drivers compartment. This part of it just doesn't add up. I have seen a couple of fatal head on tree hits, and the engine was pushed back into the drivers compartment.

Some very weird physics going on with this crash, I just don't know how to explain it. The debris fields are amazing, and I noticed the oil pan and transmission pan are both off.

The Mexican guy had a very interesting account of what happened. Been nice if someone could get a translated account where he could be more specific about what he saw happen. Although, it does sound like he said the car bounced up and down bottoming out quite a distance before impact and caught on fire, although hard to tell if he meant before or ater he hit the tree that it caught on fire.

Anyway, very sad to also see Hastings body in the car as well.

This really needs an independent investigation!!

When you're dead, the cause

When you're dead, the cause doesn't matter to you. The result is all the same for everyone.

The Young Turks are even

The Young Turks are even asking questions about this, but Cenk is being "very cautious" as Jimmy Dore put it. This is a very interesting case to me.


I can just hear the commercials

"The seductive CLA. Starting under $30,000. From Mercedes Benz. (speeds up) Not available at all dealers. May blow up on whistleblowers."

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

For the RECORD

I drove a Pinto hatchback in the early 70's and it was Bright Red.

Yes, I considered painting the word "FLAMMABLE" on the back for fun.

New Video Reveals He Was Murdered

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Michael Hastings: New Video Reveals He Was Murdered


lot of questions!

The story...

makes no sense because it's bullshit! Something fishy goin on right thur!!!

The only thing I don't buy

is the Hollywood style fire. Modern cars don't simply catch on fire like that. Wasn't it a front end collision? The gas tank in that car is near the rear.

Although I agree the

Although I agree the circumstances seem fishy, modern cars do catch on fire. I recently witnessed a fatal, high speed, head on collision. A newer BMW X5 going an estimated 100 mph (drunk driver) crossed the median and hit a little civic driving a few car lengths ahead of me. The impact was glancing but enough to cause the BMW suv to flip a couple times and burst into flames. The engine flew out just like Hasting`s. Both drivers were killed and the poor guy in the civic had just dropped off all his friends safely after being the designated driver for the night...

Yes, and that's the only

Yes, and that's the only difference. In Mercedes, front end collisions cause the car to blow up, and you die a horrible death much more quickly with no chance of escape.

Is the physics of this

similar to Building 7 collapsing from an office fire? Musta come from the same universe!

Driving Lamborghini on

Driving Lamborghini on Autobahn at 305kph=189mph