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Is Cancer Being Cured Right Before Our Eyes?

Cancer Center In Japan Reports Startling Remissions Using Vitamin & Immunotherapy Regimen

by Bill Sardi

In May of 2008 this health writer published an almost unbelievable report of four published studies of 4-7 year remissions from colon and breast cancer facilitated by weekly injection of an abundant sugar-like protein in human blood serum called Gc macrophage activating factor (Gc-MAF). A year later I wrote a follow-up report showing lack of interest by the cancer care community in this remarkable development.

Cancer cells secrete an enzyme called nagalase that completely blocks the conversion of Gc-protein to Gc-MAF which is needed to kill cancer cells via activation of white-blood cells known as macrophages. Macrophages track down and engulf cancer cells.

The startling aspect of these published reports is that the cancer community is ignoring them when there are simply no published studies showing long-term cures for any adult cancers. For example, typical survival for lung and colon cancer is 2 years or less.

read more http://lewrockwell.com/sardi/sardi263.html

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Cancer cure suppression ...

Cancer cure suppression goes back to the 1930's. Royal Raymon Rife had a radio frequency machine that cured certain types of cancer and many types of viruses in 1938. The AMA liked it so much they tried to buy him out and he did not like their terms and turned them down. They did everything possible to destroy him and his reputation ( does this sound familiar ) To this day his proven technology only legally exist as experimental only.Check this link out for more info http://rifevideos.com/


Makes me think that the purpose of conventional cancer

treatments is to profit doctors, drug companies, and hospitals instead of the patient. Who would believe?

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Saisei Mirai Clinics

Here's a link to their webpage on GcMAF. It seems like a user friendly resource with pictures, diagrams and FAQs.

Interesting that vitamin D3 is a key player in this treatment.

If I read it correctly, vitamin D is part of the transport system for GcMAF so as a preventative, taking high doses of D3 and getting adequate sunlight is something to keep in mind.

Several years ago, after seeing a Dr. John Cannell video, I began taking 20,000 IU a day from September to May when sunlight is inadequate and half that the rest of the year, and I have not had flu since then.

It is so interesting that cancer cells, viruses and bacteria are controlled via this mechanism of GcMAF and vitamin D activating our immune systems. Also consider that part of the mechanism for white blood cells to kill these invaders is to release a form of chlorine, so how insane is the low salt craze.


"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

University of Missouri's

University of Missouri's Cancer Research team also recently announced some big breakthrough's in a cure for cancers.

Why We All Don't Get Cancer

Why We All Don't Get Cancer -- Sloan-Kettering

cancer cure is old news

here is a documentary about suppressed cancer cures:


I just saw the documentary

I just saw the documentary that you posted and it's unbelievable! I have a question, my gf's aunt has a year and half to live from liver cancer, do you think I can help her? I'm not taking this anymore!!! I'm telling everybody about this documentary!!!! Thankyou so much for opening my eyes even more man. Thankyou

juan maldonado

Disease cure -

From what I read and experienced, the quickest and cheapest way to recover from a disease is diet. In 1931 Otto Wharburger (not sure of the exact name now) discovered disease is caused by lack of oxygen on a cellular level. He learned reversing the process meant increasing oxygen to those cells, and the way we get oxygen is through alkaline foods, and raw is better, and fresh best.
Most westerners eat probably 75-90% acidy foods each day. A perfect balance is 60% alkaline to 40% acid, but a sick or diseased person needs a huge boost in alkaline foods to kill the disease and replenish oxygen to those cells.
Eat 80-90% alkaline foods every meal. Never use "refined" salt or sugar, it must be unadulterated natural salt, which btw was considered medicine and first line of defense for thousands of years before the Dollar became God. For sugar I use Xylitol which has not corrupted the sugar molecule like sucralose, nutrasweet, saccharine, aspartame, etc, and has a 1/7th the glycemic footprint of regular refined sugar.
Smoothies for me is the easiest way to increase your alkalinity. Blend bananas with various fruits and raw veggies, add almonds, pumpkin seeds, parsley, several powdered superfoods that can include chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, moringa, cacao, maca, coconut oil and hemp seed oil, 24 oz water, and voila, you end up with a delicious 35-40 oz powerful energy boost that improves any condition to a fully functioning body.