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Obama Confirms Conspiracy to Oust Ron Paul from Primary in 2012

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I remember when this came around the first time--

I wish there were a way of verifying it, but that doesn't appear to be a possibility--

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It's not CNN, MSNBC, or Fox, so it can't be authentic. Only those news corporations tell the truth. :p

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oh boy the joke was analyzed and reposted with more ads


Evidence? Who needs that?

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thanks for posting, don't listen to the squawkers on here. They are like vultures at times wanting to rip apart posts. If they found it. You better be they would have posted it also.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

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source? This has zero

source? This has zero creditability.

We all know Ron Paul was robbed.

This story and recording leaves much to be desired.

I'll be sure to pass this around


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well yeah there's doubt

there is no source or additional information. That could have been someone doing a (very good) impersonation.

Rather short article

Obama was secretly recorded during the 2012 election, saying that “the powers that be want it to be Romney…and it looks like that’s what it’s going to be.”

Referring to how Ron Paul was obviously robbed in Maine, Obama says “Look what they did up in Maine…They wanted Paul out of the picture quickly, and we all know what happened there.”

Unfortunately it's a rather noisy recording and could easily be someone who sounds like Obama (not saying it is - but could be). Also, you cannot hear who he is talking to, so it could be he was talking about someone else in parts of it. "He's done for"....could be a response about many Republican candidates, on some other subject entirely.

Don't get me wrong - I'm definitely not defending Obama, just that the recording leaves a lot to be desired.


Interesting. How can we be sure it is authentic?

add a few paragraphs to the

add a few paragraphs to the op so we can decide if we want to click or not, geez what is with all these stories with no intro? try posting 1-3 paragraphs with the link.

Ron Paul 2016

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What is with these users

who cannot click a link? Some people prefer brevity.

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I am one of those users, thank you.

My time is precious and I prefer it not be wasted.

Glad I didn't waste my time clicking because it appears from the posts of people that did bother to click on it, this video wasn't worth my time.