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Has America become the Soviet Union?

The Snowden story has shaken me up. My first thought when talking about it to my neighbor last night was, 'We have become the Soviet Union.'

While we still have the freedom of speech, religion and have the right to own a gun, they are the only rights we have left.

America needs more people like Snowden. Shedding light onto the evils of Government is a courageous act in today's America. By the time it comes to trial, people will be overwhelmingly on his side. Rand made a smart political decision. Positioning himself neutral, Rand is playing the long game.

I dont want a Soviet Union in America. I want a Paul in the White House.

Rand Paul 2016

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This sort of secret conspiracy

Really makes one pause and wonder about those posts people make about government conspiracies not being possible because you couldn't possibly keep a secret so large among so many people for any period of time.

Then Snowden comes along.....


Teh skeptic's train of logic got blown up good.

Sadly, Snowden may be one of the last whistleblowers, as the powers of the US continue to erode at our Constitution, Bill of Rights and general health of the Republic

Lincoln destroyed the Republic and created a Union.

Lincoln was a Marxist is practice although he didn't call his union the Soviet Union.

Twenty years after Lincoln started the war, the war debt bankrupted the Union.

The Congress turned to foreign bankers. Congress defaulted 4 more times and finally handed the government to the Federal Reserve.

If we wish to restore the Republic we need to get rid of the trappings of Union from 1862 forward.

USDA, Civil Service, ICC, FDA, FTC, Federal Reserve, FCC, FDIC, Social Security, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRC, HEW. Dept Ed, EPA and all the other bureaucrats whose only task is to prevent optimal operation of the economy.

Free includes debt-free!

the Russians are coming...Hooray!


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Russia and America

My wife is Russian, is a Naturalized US Citizen of 16 yrs., and she laughs at how Americans have such a huge misconception of Russia and the Russian people. Sure they have their spy networks and surveillance, much the same as we do, as they have to play the game as well. And in that sense, who really is causing or creating this between countries and their citizens. Who started all this crap? Who has made the world the mess it is today? Not Russia, not the US or other countries, but as most of us know, it is the elites who want to dominate the entire world by controlling all the countries! It is not really about the Russia vs the US, it is about the shadow goverment that controls the US. And isn't that what most countries hate America for as well?

But, Russia is not being run or dictated to by the NWO or the elites. Putin, while not such a good guy in his own right, will as long as he is in power not allow anymore attempts at a takeover of Russia. To understand Russians, you either need to be one, know one, or be married to one.

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I was saying the same thing recently!

I was talking to a young Russian friend of mine, who is currently applying for US citizenship...and making a comparison to fact that the USA is becoming the new USSR.

Sad but true.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

"I didn't leave Russia to come to the Soviet Union!"

"I didn't leave Russia to come to the Soviet Union!"

--my wife after hearing the day's news.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

We don't have the right to

We don't have the right to have firearms. The government thinks it's a privilege. Which is why we're always being threatened by more gun restrictions by the federal government.

We don't have freedom of speech. It's also considered a privilege, which is why people have to get permits in order to demonstrate.

We have no freedom of religion. Religious beliefs are imposed on us by the government if you really think about it.

To summarize, we're pretty much slaves and we're living under the rule of a totalitarian government.

We used to call people who spied on their citizens.....

..."godless communists".

Has it really changed?

As a wise man said: (Latimer)

This is not that, but it is like that and is leading to that. We are not to the point they were, but considering the attacks on liberty, and in particular, liberty of conscience and freedom of faith we are quite a bit further down the road than some might think.





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No, America has not become the Soviet Union.

Correct. We're not really

Correct. We're not really close to becoming the Soviet Union, but our union has become far more Soviet-style.

They are trying

I'm sure the commies would love to take us there, but we are a long way from being the S.U. I do see bad thing in the future, but I think if we all do our best to promote truth and liberty we can turn our nation around. It's not going to be easy--gaining any thing of great value rarely is.

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A good indication of the propaganda machine...

Yesterday in my car, while scanning through channels I heard faux news presstitute magoon kelly report that "10's of thousands" of people turned out to protest recently in Brazil. Really?

Thats a little OFF, media whore. Try guessing a little higher...like about 2 MILLION higher!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

If and when it might

It would be interesting to note the expressions on the faces of the teachers, professors, and public servants as they are shipped off to the camps ;)


in re "the camps"

Often, my bud and I like to fantasize about serving on The R3volutionary Tribunal with Jeff Probst:

As detainees (former TSAgents, IRS leaches, and Rombamunist motorists -- so identified by their bumperstickers) are brought before the board they are certain they don't want to hear Bud say, "The wall."
They think they might be okeh with hearing me say, "The camps."
But really, what they most fervently crave is to hear Jeff say, "Got nothin' for ya."

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I can't seem to post the link,but

Veterans today has a very interesting article about Edward Snowdon, doubting his motives, the timing and the content of his whistleblow. We all know that there is a 2 billion dollar spy center in the Utah desert, so are we surprised that the government is spying on us when they have a purpose built facility to do so?
To answer your question....no the States isn't the old USSR, it is a new sophisticated form of communism.

Freedom of speech is what the IRS

scandal is about. Ask the businesses and hospitals about freedom of religion and Obamacare forcing them to provide birth control or fund planned parenthood. In California I can still purchase a gun after a background check, waiting period, and proving I have taken a gun safety class. Now they're passing bills to have us register ammunition among other things. No, I think the progressives have fundamentally changed America. Ron Paul is my President and I am leaning towards Rand if he runs in 2016. We have to take whatever size steps we can to turn this around.

FBI Arrests man on a plane for talking about NSA and CIA

The FBI was called in by "Airport Security" to arrest and detain a man simply for talking about the NSA and the CIA. He did not harm or threaten anybody on the plane, but was arrested for his speech.

See Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKtYSB_MZ3I

It's much worse than the Soviet Union.

If you're on a plane in close

If you're on a plane in close quarters with a bunch of people on a long flight, it makes much more sense to remain calm and not create friction. Perhaps this fellow was drunk or needed a breath of fresh air? Maybe a panic attack?

oh yeah

I forgot, planes are "no free speech zones". I down voted your comment.


The recent death of the Rolling Stone reporter is another example of Sovietization. They killed his ass.

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Are you sure we still have freedom of speech?

There is great fear that if one speaks out against the regime, IRS will show up at the door. Journalists are intimidated for same. Freedom of speech means no fear of official retribution simply for speaking one's mind.

Undo what Wilson did

We do have freedom of speech.

We can say whatever we want wherever we want... So long as you do not say anything of real impact.

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Idea for a new project

Something like, "ihavebeentargeted.com".

This site would be for people to post when government criminals target them. Post the details, the names of the agent(s) who are taking unconstitutional actions, the purported reasons for the targeting, etc.

If they're going to continue to come after us, we should know who they are.

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Back home...

In the USSA.

We Even Come With Our Own IRON CURTAIN

Thanks to those who can't speak spanish, won't speak spanish, and find brown skin "un-american", we now have our own Iron Gate, encircling a "free country".

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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I call it the U.S.S.A. - United Socialist States of Amerika

Some examples of why:

1. Federal Income Tax: Your earnings belong to the State (THEY decide on how much you keep).

2. Property Taxes: Your property belongs to the State (Try not paying your property tax - even if your real estate is paid off free and clear).

3. Surveillance of everyone - everywhere: (They can tell which room of your house you're in from afar.

4. A central bank: Federal Reserve with the power to print unlimited/unbacked money and to decide which entities survive or fail (ie: Goldman vs Bear Sterns in 2008)

5. No true freedom of the press: Just listen to how the White House press secretary lies and never tells the press "any details" of anything.

6. An empire-based foreign policy of unlimited invasions, expansions, occupations and control (via foreign aid) often administered by one person like a king or despot (through unConstitutinal Executive Orders).

These are just a FEW of the assaults on our liberty which exist now.

Sounds pretty much like a Soviet style setup to me.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Actually if you ask a lot of

Actually if you ask a lot of Russians, life was pretty good at the height of the Soviet Union. Most of everyone had a job, a home, and income to provide for their family. A lot of Russians wished they had the Soviet Union back, because life was much better then than the present Russian government.

Not even remotely true.

Not even remotely true. Russians under the SU might have been doing better than they did under Nicholas. Overall, there were many Russians not living in great conditions even at the height of the SU.

Again, it is all relative. There are a lot of former Soviets, the poorest class, who will say "we had food, water, shelter from the elements...how fortunate were we!" There case rests on the idea that the alternative to the SU (whatever that may have been) would have been worse.

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they don't have all the

they don't have all the goodies we do...

American idol, fluoride and GMO, Chemtrails, 750K in debt for each American family...we have it great here.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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