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FBI Chief Mueller OUT | Obama chooses CONTINUITY over Change

Nominates James Comey... Bush/Cheney trained charter member to make sure NOTHING changes.


Who is/was James Comey?
At one time... Comey STOOD UP for Privacy against Bush/Cheney opposing 'Stellar Wind' (precursor to PRISM)... finally, against his principles he caved 9 years ago and endorsed. Don't look for change... he turned coat years ago.

CENK tells the story:


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Chains you can believe in

More of the same.

Wouldn't it be something

if Mueller leaves and becomes a whistle blower?

Mueller threatened

to quit under Bush, saying the illegal surveillance was unconstitutional, and he wanted Bush to skin it back. I don't understand what happened. He seemed to respect the Constitution and 4th amendment at first.

same for the newly elected...

They (all) go in wanting to clean up the cesspool...
and find out it's a hot tub.

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New Boss, same tyranny.

This is like saying "the beatings will continue until morale improves."
Obama's continued "changes" are at least consistent and predictable.