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Completely remove money from the campaign process. My invention:

Now, instead of the candidates having to come to the people, the people can just sit down at their computer, lookup who's running and see what they're about. No need for fundraising. No corporate middleman/certifier. Easy peasy. I'm thinking about calling this invention the Internet. What do you think? Will people use it?

This has nothing to do with restricting campaign financing. I'm talking about changing old harmful habits which could render that financing useless (even potentially harmful, reputation-wise). The horse & buggy was part of the free market too, but the automobile obsoleted that. But what if the h & b industry had enough power over the people to suppress the significance of the automobile, to minimize its importance and effectively "talk" the public out of it? Would you fight for it or would you just continue to play the old way that benefits them and ensures they win every time?

As it stands, we're giving the job to manage our money to the people who can blow through the most money. Does that sound like something the public really wants?

The solution is already here. We either accept it is our burden to get people to use it (REALLY use it) or we accept to lose.

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Campaigning is the equivalent of advertising, so no...

...at least not in the limited sense you propose.

Sure, many people use internet to check out candidates, but just as companies aren't going to settle for and limit themselves to your proposed method when it comes to advertising their products, candidates aren't going to limit themselves like that either...especially when name/product recognition is often the key when people make choices.

Besides, not everyone has internet or is going to seriously research to make informed choices.


Psh, no way would something like that catch on. And it's not like there's anything wrong with the system we have now so why fix what ain't broke?

-end sarcasm-

Money is Speech

Free market all the way. Money is speech. Often, the only competitor to incumbents are those candidates who have money or can raise money.

Any restriction of campaign financing is an incumbent protection scheme.

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Response in OP.