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‘N-word’ user Paula Deen is an Obama supporter - campaigned for him in '08

Television chef Paula Deen, who lost her gig Friday with the Food Network after admitting and apologizing for having used racial epithets, including the “N-word,” is a supporter of President Barack Obama, campaigning on his behalf in 2008 and cultivating a friendship with first lady Michelle Obama.


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Bigoted speech can get you fired

but government policies far more detrimental to black people (drug laws, minimum wage, Social Security) continue unabated.

It's the war on White people

It's the war on White people to make sure they know their new subservient role to the black race. Whites living today are responsible for their ancestors actions of hundreds of years ago. Yeah right.

The Niggers are using the same guilt trip techniques developed and perfected by the Zionist Jews to make you feel guilty for their Jewish Holocaust, pay them money, and assume a subservient role to them in society.

I call these kinds of people using this psychological guilt trip technique on people Niggers deliberately, pejoratively, and to their face. I also tell those kind of Nigger people to go F themselves as often as possible.


She admitted to using the n-word at some point in her life

during a deposition. They asked her if she ever used the n-word in her life and she basically said "Well, sure, but that was a very long time ago."

And so. THIS is what she was fired for.

And this is what America has become

really? that's pathetic...

she was fired because she admitted to using a word years ago?
but has never used the word "at work"? that's pretty pathetic, she should sue the naggers that did this to her. LOL. ;)

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

What is this "N-word"? And

What is this "N-word"? And why is it still ok to say honkey?

Lewis CK makes the point.



I think I will use "that word" more now! ;-)

"You keep using that word?, I

"You keep using that word?, I don't think it means what you think it means" ~ Inigo Montoya

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Naughty Girl Paula Honey.

Naughty Girl Paula Honey.

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

This is not news...

This is not news...

Sure it is, some woman (I

Sure it is, some woman (I even know who she is now, thank you Wikipedia!) used a word that has been in use for over 150 years.

What could be bigger news! :)

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

We live in such a graceless society

that she can't recognize something she did was wrong and apologize without reserve and be forgiven.

Were there even any blacks involved in the decision to shun her? Or was it guilt-ridden, privileged whites who don't trust their own competence to understand race issues enough to show any discernment in this case?

Defend Liberty!

Not sure if your response was serious or sarcasm...

Not sure if your response was serious or sarcasm. If you were serious, you seem to contradict the concepts of liberty and freedom. While your statement that this is a "graceless society" may or may not be true (everyone has an opinion), you also state that what "she did was wrong". That seems to be an opinion that doesn't coincide with trying to live in a free society with our remaining liberties intact.

Could the use of certain terms be offensive? Absolutely. But "wrong"? I don't think so. Everyone is responsible for what comes out of their mouths. Food Network has a right to fire someone for an image that they feel will negatively affect their ad revenue (even if the belief by many is that a culture dominated by absurd political correctness is what got her fired). Someone eating with their mouth open at the office may be offensive to many, but that isn't going to get you fired. Nonetheless, it can be offensive; however, it doesn't break PC rules, so the offender is safe.

Furthermore, why do the demographics of the decision-makers at the Food Network matter? And in a free and liberty-minded society, race issues shouldn't play a part...we should look at everyone without considering sex, race, etc. Of course, our society is collectivist at heart, which is why so many people care to classify and categorize.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

I'm not seeing where anything

I said had anything to do with freedom. I didn't mention government once. I'd try to address the rest of what you said about right vs. wrong, but I'm not sure where you're drawing the line between the discussion of morality and legality.

I mention the race of the people at the Food Network because there's something off about how quick the decision was. It doesn't seem to reflect people who would be sincerely offended because it would seem that sincerely forgiving would also be under consideration and a decision would take longer at least. It has a bureaucratic odor to it, where decisions don't involve discerning the specifics of a situation well and it makes me think the deciders there just don't think themselves capable of such discernment in this matter.

And in all this I'm talking about the word used and her apology for that. If there are more facts that bear out regarding something about dress-ups and plantation-reenacting having been done more recently, that would be different.

Defend Liberty!