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Rand Paul May Save Republicans. Ted Cruz May Kill Them: Bloomberg View

I doubt Rand Paul will ever be president. But he might rescue the Republican Party, which would still be a pretty good line on his resume.

Paul is suddenly getting good press. Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review and not a natural adherent to Pauline philosophy, was positive in Politico. Both the New Republic and the Washington Post have run largely flattering profiles, with the former declaring, "He's becoming a better politician every day."

He's already pretty good. In recent weeks Paul has shown impressive elasticity, appearing before Iowa conservatives -- a virulent strain -- at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Cedar Rapids and a roomful of black students at Howard University. The Howard visit, along with another appearance at traditionally black Simmons College, won't make Paul's demographic wish come true (he told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he wants Republicans to reap 20 percent of the black vote, up from wobbly single digits), but it clearly distinguishes him in a party steadily poisoning itself with racial exclusivity.


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By the time we hit 2016

Rand will be the most vetted candidate on the planet.

Rubio is ineligible for the presidency!

Those are the comments at the bottome that NEED to be flooding this article!!!

Rubio is a citizen but he is NOT a natural-born citizen!

Then it goes on to praise Rubio 2016 while discounting Paul

Give me a break.