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UPDATE: OOPS! Container Ship ... Breaks in Half.

Update :)



‘A large fleet named “Mol Comfort” carrying.... we don't know!

I'm calling bullshit on my own story

This guy sez it's weapons for Syrian rebels.... no proof.

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I found that hilarious

I found that hilarious

Thanks for the update

It was very informative:)


Hopefully noone's mail-order brides weren't ion there.

just in case...

you followed this 'breaking'...
story. :)

I'd Like To Know......

..... Where that ship was buillt.

Ed Rombach

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I'm guessing

White Star Line from the looks of it.

I don't know much about boats

I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen. I've never seen a boat fall apart by splitting in half. It's amazing that both halves still float. I'd of bet all my $$$ it would sink if it was cut in half.


Most Ships are built of many sections that are themselves water tight and would float for a significant time if not forever.

The Titanic used half bulkheads. If the Titanic had used the normal full bulkheads it would have stayed afloat even though two of its sections would have been completely flooded.

a little side story about a floating container

Nunez Community College's Chancellor Dr. Thomas Warner, road out Hurricane Katrina on the 3rd floor of the college. Before the storm he parked his car inside a cargo container at the college. The massive flood waters came and the container floated,bobbing around the campus for 2 weeks until the waters receded. The Dean opened the container to check his car and surprised everyone by driving it out of the container. True Story!

Instead of worrying about the

Instead of worrying about the well-being and safety of the crew aboard, my first worry was whether or not my whey protein was in one of those containers. I sure hope not!

Upvoted now and kudos

For editing the post to mention the lack of evidence on it being FSA-bound arms in the containers.

Gawl Danggit!

My fancy new Made-in-China PC was in one of those containers.

damn women drivers


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That's just nonsense

You know they don't hire women!

Don't worry

If it was US arms for Syria, the MIC is laughing all the way to the bank at your expense. Next order!

Schools out, wanna go diving

Schools out, wanna go diving boys and girls..... :)

UPDATE! the US is searching

UPDATE! the US is searching for the wicked ones responsible for the sinking of the USS Lindsey McCain

The CIA (Civilian Intelligence Network) Has Found IT!

'Songbird McCain':


Forrest Gump And Naval Architecture

Circular logic trying to forment another 'crazy conspiracy' coincide with a structural failure of a cargo ship. It must have been space lasers or micro-nukes, what done it! NO, it was 'holograms'!

a news-worthy story about the failure of mankind to be 'the smartest man in the room', but no room to see any 'nefarious plots'. THANKS to the misdirecting posters for revealing themselves, however!


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Front Fell Off!


A wave probably hit it! Don't worry, I'm sure they towed it 'outside the environment'

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Clarke And Dawe!

I LOVE these Australian Nutters!

Manly Public School taught me a thing or two!


If they tried to put a mole of goods on the mol...

that's why it broke in half (he says assuming that someone knows that a mole - abbreviated mol - is a unit of measurement).

Great News but how were these

Great News but how were these containers floating ?

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After that 'giant sucking sound' spoken of by Ross Perot, there had to be a 'reinflation' (as evidenced by Ben Shalom ['helicopter] Bernanke). It is the HOT AIR of the 'reinflation' that affords the false assumption that these steel containers (filled with cheap plastic Chinese crap, bound for 'Western' buyers) could INDEFINETLY FLOAT on the sea of 'LIQUIDITY', that Ben (our saviour and shining knight of the 'economy') has created for your continued delusion.
OH, THE HUMANITY of about two billion IPODS, floating AIMLESSLY, and all the DOLLAR STORE items, without a home! The HOME DEPOT will be short a couple of million items, and STAPLES won't be able to fill your order for a NEW COMPUTER! The PRICES must GO UP, but INFLATION, overall, hedonically adjusted, is DOWN!

All that HOT AIR might have saved the TITANIC!



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Magnifying hull image, there is written "Made in China."

Comment is only speculation. I hope that whatever was aboard is biodegradable. Now there is even more pollution for the ocean to deal with. Grim.

I see something...

2 or more "abandon ship" life rafts. I also see a big hole on the starboard side of the front half of the ship.

There is something not quite right with the second picture. Processing artifacts (like on a cell phone?).

The 3rd pics seem to show a missing row of containers that are there in the first two pics and it seems to be lying lower in the water.

And these despots do this

In my good name. I do hope some of the containers are found opened and exposed to world so we all can see these criminals who sent them. I just wonder if there are any white phosperous, or agent orange or any other terrorist chem weapons. I hope we see the evidence in the next week or so.


Think of how many lives will

Think of how many lives will be saved. Even if it saves one life, it's worth it.

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Source for the weapons cargo please.

The latest from Maritime News is the two halves are still afloat, and salvage ships are en route, with no mention of the nature of the cargo.
Your source is a blog with somebody just saying weapons aboard, and no source.

Undo what Wilson did

am checking.. still

finding same dead end so far.. dunno.
obviously it didn't 'sink'... both halves still afloat.
First reports of the ship easily found online from Monday (17th)
probably bullshit story... sorry guys.