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Marijuana plots destroying forests and wildlife in California - Another reason for full legalization.

Not sure why they have to level mountain tops or spread rat poison throughout the forests, but I am against this kind of out of control underground farming in ecological sensitive areas. Granted, according to the article the most damage is caused by the Mexican drug growers who are illegally here, still we buy this stuff.

In my opinion this is exactly why Marijuana should be Legalized, to prevent this kind of damage.


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-1 for using the term

-1 for using the term legalization instead of the term that aligns to freedom, decriminalization.

C'mon, commentators who say legalization rather than decriminalization, let's get the terms correct. Many of you writers are long due to use the right words. Words matter.

de-: of; from; away from.

-ize: to make or to produce.

-(a)tion: condition.

To Granger below, thank you for understanding the differences between the two terms. Their differences are vast. To DPer legalizeliberty, change your name to decriminalizefreedom. (A long time ago I recommended he make that change.)

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Stop planting

Send me your seeds. I'm from the gov't, I'm here to help.

To my Liberal Trolls:
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It's exactly why it should not be legalized

Medical cannabis should be decriminalized as it is in Mendocino County where the residents remian in peace with each other, rights protected by our oath keeping sheriff adn DA, and within state legislation that has nothing to do with legalization and everything to do with rights for the individual (Prop 215).

By legalization you give complete power to the state and feds and it costs you, money, taxes, unfair taxes, government subsidized jobs, bogus education, certification, legalization, more courts, more people in prison and more cribme because the government proves repeatedly they are a bad business, bad business manager, corruption runs rampent and the people who need medical cannabis are the last ones who get it because of the great cost having to compete against programs like Obamacare.

The legalization movement is nothing but a socialist plot to profit off misery for, and of the state and feds prison industrial complex and bankers.


is where this is most rampant. Illegal aliens forced by mota mafia to farm their crops in the mountains for their black market, cross border, activities. They really do F up the remote wooded areas of the mountains here pretty bad...

I happen to be leaving CA on July 8th, permanently. Going back home to Montana where I grew up, this place has tread on my last nerve.

I still dont and never will

I still dont and never will support drug use(just as I dont support smoking cigarrettes or drinking alcohol or self mutilation) but since its an individuals decision I certainly wont tell them they cant do it, but I really dont see how this is any more destructive than any other type of farming....much ado about nothing if you ask me....its the pro drug war guys grabbing at straws.

Yet Another Reason to End the War on Drugs

Farmers and backyard gardeners would soon put them out of business if there were a free market. The cost of farming in the wilderness or public parks is prohibitive (more effectively prohibitive than mere prohibition!).

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100% Agree

If we legalize this kind of destruction would not happen, and a rat poison infused product would not be sold.

Hillarious! Pot smokers would rather have DCon rat killer in

their pot and down vote this rather than have a high quality product that doesn't kill my environment.

Ha ha ha

Not only are you a liar

but your peddling for the govenment in the name of legalization is NOT what Ron or Rand Paul have in mind when they say FREEDOM IS POPULAR.



"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Rat poison is 90% good food ?

Rat poison is 90% good food ? Amazing isn't it ? Its as if its their whole world or something.

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

oh and just a note

If rat poison is around the plants, it gets onto the water and then the plants and then smoke, eaten etc.

Not good

The active ingredient in rat poison

is fluoride. We have fluoride put in our drinking water. So, it must be good for you cuz the gummit says so. So, just think of pot as being fluoridated so that you won't get cavities. Sorry, I'm sick and I need help. :-)

This was an appropriate post for me. signed, Desert Rat

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One of the active ingredients

One of the active ingredients anyway. Apparently they use everything from vitamin D to strychnine as an active ingredient. I didnt know rats were vulnerable to so many things.

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