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Paula Deen is being treated unfairly

Paula Deen is being targeted by the same people who bring us death and destruction in most if not all of our large cities today. She is being fired by the Food Network for admitting to using the word Nigger. I can only guess that word will not be allowed to be used on this site or any other site.

But these same people who are going after Paula Deen would slobber all over themselves in telling you how Tupac was such a poet. Hell they are studying his lyrics in Universities in California. Why don't we say what is really going on here, there is a war against the White Race, and I promise you that these races that are replacing the White Race will not be as kind to White People as White People have been to them.

My Great Great Grandfather was hung without a trial in the front of the City Hall because he was accused of being a guard at one of the Southern Prison during the Civil war. He was a Pvt. at the time. I wonder if those who hung him would have done so if they had seen America in its State as it is now?

This women had a black man, and I use that word loosely, take a gun and put it to her head and threaten to kill her. I would say that most people would find it hard not to use that word after something like that occurred to them, but she has come out and apologized, I would have told her not to do this, and still the architects of this Non sense that we call PC are wanting her to be fired. I don't listen to the women, have never bought one of her products but I have watched the Food Network in the past but I will never watch it again if they fire this woman.

Now before too many debbie dogooders come forward to carry out their social engineering, let me say that I do not agree with any person of color not being hired or paid as well as anyone else but this is not why the Food Network is letting her go, they are firing her because she admitted to using "that word" before. Earth to everyone out there, 99% of the people in this Country have used that word before and still do so why can't we admit that, because we would be treated like second class citizens by these same people who have used race to Balkanized this Country.

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Paula Deen is the top story on drudge right now.

BACKLA$H: Paula Deen Surges to Top Spot on AMAZON...

Love vs Hate

She probably was/is a racist but not as racist as the people coming out against her now.

The most racism tends to be in groups that support dividing people into categories. So the KKK divides people into White vs Black/Asian/Hispanic etc and uses that for hate. Liberals divide people into Rich vs Poor, White vs Minority, Women vs Men, Old vs The Man, Corporate vs the little guy, etc. They use this to their advantage by making one side a monster they are defending against; this equates to creating hate.

Both liberals and republicans tend to use hate as a means to gain power. This is fleeting. Libertarians embrace love which will always be a more long lasting means to liberty.

Why did you take the

Why did you take the bait?

This is nothing but a huge distraction to take our eyes and minds off of what's most important right now.

Paula Deen supported Barack Obama, and now she's helping him again.

When all else fails, they play the race card and people fall for it every time!

Paula Deen is being treated unfairly, by political and media design.

They want people to be offended, stir up a bunch of race talk all over the AM dial, and take everyone's attention away from the biggest presidential scandals in modern history, and some guy named Ed Snowden.

I think the best thing for everyone here at the Daily Paul to do right now is completely ignore anything to do with Paul Deen, and get back on track.

Sometimes the best thing to say is...nothing at all, or change the subject.

Let's not get sucked in to this race trap. We know who set it.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

To talk about race is a trap? I don't think so but what do I

know.Not everything is a conspiracy although there are conspiracies. But sooner or later we as a Country will have to have an honest talk about race. Is Mrs. Deen going to be the cow being tipped over in the field? No but it is just another example of the hypocrisy that is going on today.

So what?

Uh. Paula deem is an entertainment chef. Plus she's obnoxious. Were you a fan? She was on thin ice ever since she admitted she got diabetes from her own cooking.

I did not know that..

But from everything I am hearing, she was fired for using the word " " many years ago. I find her choice of words to be unacceptable but I have used the word before also in anger. She came out and apologized and asked for forgiveness so what is the harm in forgiving her? I have used some of her recipes and to be honest, they were awesome.

Again, the Food Network has every right to do what they want but more and more white people are become tired of being the butt of many jokes on TV. They need to give it a rest and as far as Mrs. Deen goes, they should forgive her and move on. Will they? No, will I ever watch the food network again? No. There you go, the free market working.

The only people it is perfectly acceptable to insult and defame

Are white men. It's true.

It seems like somebody gets fired every year from some tv show for saying something mildly offensive. The funny part is a black lady could have a show ABOUT denigrating and offending white people and it wouldn't raise an eyebrow.

Racism is something that white people do and anything resembling it from other races is just fairness.

Black people receive a slightly different program and part of that is a thin skin. It's such a bigger conversation than Paula Deen (who I happen to know is a sweet woman with a big heart who can cook so good you'd let her call you names for another piece of pie). I have never seen her tv show.

This is a good example of when I would use the word ....

When I first watched that I said, " can you believe what that " " just said?" Now do I hate Oprah? Of course not but I was offended by what she said and not one of you PC types will come forward and say what she said was wrong. You will make excuses for her because of the social engineering that you have received. It is wrong and needs to stop now. Will it? Nope.

So true, Mike!

Network TV would cease to exist if they couldn't make fun of white men and boys. The network "comedies" (if you can call them that - I think laughter is required to be called a comedy) are petrified to use women or blacks as the butt of a joke; rather both of those groups are usually portrayed as infallible. Offend either of those groups and face the backlash from the activists in the PC community.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Politically Correct Autocrats on DP

I have recently noticed countless posts/comments on DP by politically correct autocrats that think it is their job to dictate to others which opinions are allowed.

To me, unless a poster is threatening or slandering someone, I see it as freedom of speech and expression, regardless of whether I agree with the opinion or not. The overly sensitive people around here should get a backbone and realize that we are all individuals here drawn by elements of freedom (or so I thought); everyone is not going to agree with everyone. I find it odd that there is a large force of speech police on this site.

Oh, and the OP does make a great point about the Deen vs. Tupac double standard.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

And SCREW Paula Deen the racist snob bitch

This is EXACTLY how libertarians say racism should be dealt with - throught the MARKET, not the government.

More evidence that you are an infiltrator.

Please forgive me if my words hurt you...

That is not my intent. I see that you are agonizing over the fact that someone disagrees with you. If you would be so kind as to provide any evidence that Mrs. Deen hates black people you could possibly change my mind in supporting her. If not, then what is it about her that makes you loose your composure? Is it maybe because she is white? I mean would you say that about Ray Charles? He has used the word nigger plenty of times yet would you say that anyone who supported Ray Charles, who by the way, I love to listen to, is a racist?

Could it be that you have been socially engineered to feel the way you feel? Maybe not, it may just be you.


If you think the "free market" is behind the smear campaign against Paula, then your delusional. There is a mainstream agenda to paint whites as racists. Only whites are racists according to our media. This is all by design; to destroy the people who made this country great so the collectivists (i.e. blacks, hispanics, jews, feminists, etc.) can take over and enslave us all. That is what communism is all about.

Get this racist garbage out of here moderators/Michael

NEVER, EVER would this post be allowed when Dr. Paul was in the spotlight - either time. No one here would ever even consider writing such nonsense, because its content REEKS of racist collectivism!

Your idiotic rant and the couple of thumbs up (and ensuing thumbs down for my post) that you're getting are proof, to me, that this site has been hijacked by the enemies of liberty.

If not, you REALLY need to read the Dr.'s books... Over and over again.

Now don't you feel better?

You have told me off and put me in my place. Now back to the thread, it is my opinion Mrs. Deen has been treated unfairly. I may be wrong but in the words of that great Prognosticator Charles Barkley, "I don't think."

I have no doubt if we were to meet, we would be good friends, although we would disagree on things from time to time.

I'm Latino

and even though I am "racist" in the sense that I sometimes generalize things about certain ethnic groups including my own, I can't stand people who think truly believe they are superior to others simply because they are different than them. To me, that innate hatred for other ethnic groups is what's really harmful. And when this poster says there is a "war" against whites, what I really hear is, "How dare they make a white person lose their job just because some niggers were offended!"

As a matter of fact, this whole post just smacks of racist bigotry. "I wonder if those who hung him would have done so if they had seen America in its State as it is now?" So you're saying the state of things have gotten so bad (a well-off white woman losing her job for being disrespectful towards an entire race of people) that your grandfather should have been commended instead for keeping blacks in jail?

This site was made specifically for people who would rather die than not live free, so it puzzles me that they don't understand how offensive that word is to black people. We hate people like Lindsey graham and John Mccain for being oppressive statists, so just imagine how blacks must feel. These people were ENSLAVED by whites. And not enslaved like,"Oh no, I'm a slave to all this debt that I chose to take on," but actual slavery where you, your mom, dad, and kids were all forced to work for a person who thought you were nothing but dirt and invented a word to further degrade you. So of course the word is much more impactful and demeaning when it comes from one of those very same people. And the firing of Paula Deen just shows that the Food Network understands the sensitive nature of that word.

Dear Mr. Mdr.5256, let me apologize for not....

Making myself more clear. As far as my Great great Grandfather, C.W.Infinger ,who was hung in front of the city hall in Bruce FL and not given a trial, Google it, I never said he guarded blacks, what I said was he was a Pvt. who guarded prisoners in the Civil war. He was sent to Andersonville to work so your assertion is way off.

But back to you, as someone like myself who was the only white kid living in an all Mexican/Black neighborhood back in the 1960's, my dad was a preacher,let me say that I can say with confidence that for the most part, blacks and Hispanics hate and are envious of white people. "Not all but enough that our prisons are full of blacks and Hispanics who have robbed, murdered, raped, and beaten white people."

Your first sentence said you were a racist, and you said that with some pride, but I have never accepted that I am anything other than a white man who realizes that as "human being" I have a right to want my people to survive. In the last 50 years over 50,000 white people have been murdered by blacks in this Country. This is not my number but comes from the FBI data base. Whites committing crimes against black people were so low they , the federal government,included your race, Hispanic, as being white. Now we both can agree that not even you consider yourself white so why did the federal government do that?

Because White on black crime is so low in this Country the numbers were so disproportionate that the public may start to ask questions so they decided to categorize Hispanics as being white.

In fact there is a trial going on right now where the person was considered white, remember Zimmerman? He isn't white yet the media portrayed him as being white. Now I don't want to digress all that far away from the original topic and that is, in my opinion, Mrs. Deen is being treated unfairly. Let's stick to this topic instead of going down a road and talking about something that you may not want to talk about and that is the onslaught attacks on whites in this Country by people of Hispanic and black decent. It is happening, the prisons show us this yet no one wants to talk about it.

You say you want liberty and so do I but until we can understand why blacks and Hispanics are so violent in this society we can not go to the next step. Liberty for all only works when hate toward all stops. Hate toward Blacks and Hispanics from whites is almost non existent but when you look at the crime statistics you see that the other side is not thinking the same.

Let us not forget the Plan of Sandiago and La Raza to mention just a couple. If you don't think that I had to fight my way to school and had to fight my way home from school everyday then you are being naive. I lived in the "Barrio" so maybe you might want to check your misinformation somewhere else. I am not judging you by anything except your words. Have I had good Hispanic friends? Sure, but none that ever came to my defense against one of their own.

I really want to get off this and pull this back to what my complaint was with the food network. She said she was sorry so why fire her? If her numbers were down, OK, but if they weren't, then why do it? Now do I think they had the right? Sure, just like I have the right not to watch them anymore.

I never said I was proud

of being racist. I was simply trying to say that everyone has general opinions of certain races even though they are often not even true and that I am aware of this personal flaw. What separates me from from you though is that I don't harbor any hatred or resentment towards any race. They all have their good and their bad and it has absolutely nothing to do with their skin color but with their culture, history, and how they were brought up.

Black people hated white people in the 60s? Wow that must've been totally unmerited! Look I'm not trying to say that you should've had a miserable childhood at the hands of hispanics and blacks. All I'm saying is that it's understandable. For the love of God whites enlaved them for hundreds of years! What does it matter if there's low crime against them now? Your past crime was a crime against humanity!

It's just mind-boggling to me that you harbor resentment towards them while at the same time failing to see that their resentment towards you is a thousand times worse and with good reason. The reason for those crime statistics is because of income disparity and nothing else. Blacks aren't going to rob another poor person in their own ghetto right? They're just as broke as they are.

I have a friend just like you which is why this struck a chord with me. He's white and he went to school with me in predominantly hispanic neighborhood. He was picked on as a kid for being white, but nothing too crazy. Honestly, I was picked on just as much as he was, just not for racial reasons. The difference is I let most of this roll off my back while he just grew more and more hateful towards everyone to the point where he was expelled from school for making threats. Now that were all grown and still living in the same neighborhood, he still hates everyone.

Sit down my son,

I am sitting here and shaking my head at your post. I respect your right to say it but I have to disagree with you on almost every point. It would take me so long to give you a history lesson that I just think we need to agree that we disagree. An you are a liberty minded person? OK.....sure I believe you, why shouldn't I, I mean seeing as I was personally responsible for slavery. Lord help me in this valley of the einsteins.

I obviously

meant the white race, not that you or your family were personally responsible for slavery. Just like you were generalizing about black crimes and how they are all jealous of you, I was generalizing about who was responsible for slavery. But what part of my comments made you think I am not a liberty-minded person? I believe that you are entitled to your own opinion and in your right to say it, but that doesn't mean I consider your opinion any less deplorable. And that Oprah video link you posted disgusted me and her comments were in very poor taste.

I'm sure you're a good person...

I guess you just have to walk in my shoes to understand me. I know you mean no ill but some of your words were not well thought out, in my opinion.

Racism? Like I said, I went to 28 different schools in this Country and my Dad could barely read or write. We lived in the poorest of the poor neighborhoods so yes my paradigm is probably different than yours.

Are there good, God fearing honest hard working black men and women and Hispanics living in America? Absolutely, but the hatred toward the white race is something I do not think you could ever understand, I guess it's a white thing. Having said that, I want to thank you for your kind words and wish you to know that I wish nothing but the best for your family and you.

Political Correctness Is A Way To Subvert Free Speech

Dr. Paul said or wrote that somewhere (Liberty Defined perhaps?) and it was a light bulb moment for me.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

You can legislate freedom away, or you can otherwise make it so unpleasant for free actors that they will not exercise their freedoms.

The employer absolutely has the right to terminate its association with her, but that it is in their interest to do so reflects poorly on a culture that fails to respect free speech.

"We don't have the First Amendment so we can talk about the weather."--Ron Paul

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Captain Obvious

They needed a story on Friday evening after Snowden's charges were revealed. When he was 'fleeing' to Russia Sunday morning who else were they talking about? Paula Deen.

Why the hell are u on a

Why the hell are u on a liberty movement website spouting nonsense about race wars?

Clearly...you have no idea what this movement is about & what we stand for.

Take your rhetoric elsewhere please.

Well you did say please...

So it is me who has no idea of what liberty is or what the movement is about? Why don't you take a deep breath and relax and sit a spell. You see I am just an ole southern boy who lived in every state on the southern border except California. I went to 28 schools before my 12th grade and have seen more of this Country than most people have.

I was raised up in the South and come from a line of fine men and women. I am proud of my Heritage and believe every person has a right to be proud of theirs also. I have hate in my heart for no one and love liberty as much and anyone. To come in and make such a brash statement so quickly lets me know that you too are in need of help and relief from your brainwashing also.

There is not now nor is there any post that I have ever posted on this site that is racist. I believe that if a women, who by the way I feel used poor judgement, but nonetheless sincerely apologized for her words, then this women should be given a second chance. Under your Philosophy, John Newton's song, "Amazing Grace," would have to be pulled from every hymnal in America because he did use the word nigger often. He was captured and made to be a slave in Africa for 15 months, so yes, when he escaped, you can be sure he used that word often.

Did I tell you he was in the slave trade also? Yes, but he asked God to forgive him. There is now a war against the White Race by those who have captured this Country. It is not because there is any love for the black race either, in fact they hate the black race but they need to collapse this Country so they divide and conquer and teach people like yourself that it is wrong to love your people and your race. Can't we do both? Can't we love "our Heritage" and liberty for all? Or is that just for all the other people but White People?

Liberty and justice for all, or is that all except me?

In the end...

... this is about a private company firing an employee because it disagreed with her actions.

By accepting employment with the Food Network, Paula Deen agreed to a contract which she broke with her behaviour. If adding too much butter to recipes was against the contract, they could have fired her for that too.

There was no prior restraint here. There was no censorship. Frankly I find the subset of DP users who think it's okay for rich white women (whether they're from the south or not) to be able to use the n-word without social consequence absolutely monstrous.

Freedom of speech does not mean people have to like what you say. It only means you're free to say it.

You are so right!!!!!

On that point, we both agree. I think the thing that bothers me is the hypocrisy of it all. We have all sinned and came up short at some point and time in our life. Do I condone using the word, "nigger?" No, do I use that word from time to time when I get angry and turn my brain off? Yes. Does it speak well of me when I use this word? No, Do I want to go and harm a person of color? Of course not.

This women admitted to using this word years ago, for what ever reason but she never used it on air and she is sorry she used it so what should be done? How about a good ole forgiveness and move on philosophy. I know its old and outdated but why not start there.

I have no doubt that black people and white people can live together, they have in the past but I also believe that the men who have taken over this Country have socially engineered white people to not take pride in their heritage. White Women who have watched TV for the past 50 years have been socially engineered to believe that white men are bad and black men are the good kind people who always come in to save the day.

As a white man, I have a problem with that, does that make me a racist? I hope not, I don't think I am any different than anyone one else. I get angry and say things I shouldn't, then I calm down and regret what I said. I don't know to many people in this world who are not like that.

I agree that a company should

I agree that a company should be able to fire her for anyone reason whatsoever. What I think is ridiculous though is the lack of knowledge and understanding of history of those growing up southern many years ago.

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Free association is a bitch

Employment is voluntary for both employee and employer. Political correctness is preposterous and trite, but an employer will do what's right for their business.

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