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Paula Deen is being treated unfairly

Paula Deen is being targeted by the same people who bring us death and destruction in most if not all of our large cities today. She is being fired by the Food Network for admitting to using the word Nigger. I can only guess that word will not be allowed to be used on this site or any other site.

But these same people who are going after Paula Deen would slobber all over themselves in telling you how Tupac was such a poet. Hell they are studying his lyrics in Universities in California. Why don't we say what is really going on here, there is a war against the White Race, and I promise you that these races that are replacing the White Race will not be as kind to White People as White People have been to them.

My Great Great Grandfather was hung without a trial in the front of the City Hall because he was accused of being a guard at one of the Southern Prison during the Civil war. He was a Pvt. at the time. I wonder if those who hung him would have done so if they had seen America in its State as it is now?

This women had a black man, and I use that word loosely, take a gun and put it to her head and threaten to kill her. I would say that most people would find it hard not to use that word after something like that occurred to them, but she has come out and apologized, I would have told her not to do this, and still the architects of this Non sense that we call PC are wanting her to be fired. I don't listen to the women, have never bought one of her products but I have watched the Food Network in the past but I will never watch it again if they fire this woman.

Now before too many debbie dogooders come forward to carry out their social engineering, let me say that I do not agree with any person of color not being hired or paid as well as anyone else but this is not why the Food Network is letting her go, they are firing her because she admitted to using "that word" before. Earth to everyone out there, 99% of the people in this Country have used that word before and still do so why can't we admit that, because we would be treated like second class citizens by these same people who have used race to Balkanized this Country.

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Uhh, what? The middle class

Uhh, what?

The middle class still exists. Their money may be gone, but the class of people still exists. There is more to classes than money. It's also how educated they are. They are going to stop breeding if they can't afford it. The bottom class is uneducated and doesn't think of such things. They just screw. They're also under assault because they're the class who is getting the most abortions. Even if I have no job and am on my ass and homeless, I would still consider myself middle class.

People have plenty of opportunity to raise good children, and people do still have the power hit their kids. Of course if a person did make a brat, they can't just start instilling any discipline after the child's mind has been polluted by the TV and society. They will pull that CPS crap.

I said WHITE SLAVERY is the sex trade. That's what the sex trade is called. Black slavery is a blanket term for forcing someone to be a servant. It doesn't mean the people being enslaved are black.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

If there money is gone.. how do they qualify as middle class?

It's a facade and there's alot of facade going around (and you admit you would pretebnd to be middle class).. there's plenty of illusion.. There are plenty of educated unemployed.. and educated working in some field other than their degree...

Most people do not think about whether they can afford a baby when they create one.. most women who have abortions have them because they can not afford to keep the baby and be independent from welfare.

Trust me.. ALL classes screw.. unwanted pregnancy has always been part of the tapestry and so has abortion, which Margret Sanger supported in an effort to reduce infantcide.. it is still illegal for children to sleep with their parents in some states because parents would claim they fell asleep and didn't know they killed their child by rolling on top of them.

Plenty of educated people come to the soup kitchen. All education is turning out to be is another racket.

I have far more than any homeless person, but I do not consider myself middle class.. My Father was middleclass and his retirement income was $117K annually. I have more degrees than he did and have never come close to earning what he made in retirement.

White slavery is not limited to the sex trade. A cannabis smoker who is arrested, serves 10 years mandetory min sentance in CA earns up to 20c an hour at Wachenhut or USA correctional Services.. the prison industrial complex is alive and well making non-violent criminals slaves for corporations in competition with Communist China for global trade.

Because, as I said before,

Because, as I said before, classes are about more than how much money they earn. One's level of education determines their class. How one chooses to live determines their class. Someone could be making $100k a year and live in a rat-infested cat pee hoarder house, and most would still consider them of the lowest class.

Most people do plan to either have children or to not. Most abortions are uneducated black people who don't even know anything about what they're doing besides becoming not pregnant. Most other abortions are well-off people who are chronic fornicators (young people going out to clubs, getting drunk, getting strange). They are proud to do what they do...Gloria Steinem, cough cough. A small number would be minor females whose parents don't want the embarrassment.

Margaret Sanger had zero good intentions. Anything she spouted that sounded good was pure deception.

I'm not talking about college when I'm talking about education. I'm talking about actual education. Language, math, real science. If I mean to talk about college or other crap labeled as education, I use "brainwashing."

Since I am well-educated (strong language, math, and science skills), have other skills, and don't live like a rat, I consider myself middle class no matter how little I make. I couldn't care less how delusional you think I am in that regard. The middle class is shrinking because the people are simply choosing to not bring children into the world.

"White slavery" is the name for sex trade. "Black slavery" is the name for the trading of actual slaves. That's what those things are called.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.


Thank you for the education.

A pity because it's the perfect pejorative.

Seriously, it is a superior word with potent application. Both by definition, as a pariah or a lower caste member, as in John Lennon's observation that "Woman is the nigger of the world," or as George Carlin observed "We're all Nixon's niggers," AND by the way you look and sound when you say it, it is considered to be a most effective insult. Picture yourself, or feel your face as you speak. It begins with a sneer and ends with a growl.

"Negro", on the other hand, now that's a friendly word. It starts with a smile and ends with a look of delight!

But don't worry about offending me, I'll answer to either one. (Though I actually prefer "boy". As a middly aging dude I like all the reminders of youth, vigor, and potency I can get.)

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

That is what I call a good read.

So honest yet affective. I have to say that is the best post I have read on this thread yet. I told my wife one time to be a dog at work. She looked at me like she was fixing to smack me so I had to tell her what I meant.

When a man goes off and doesn't feed their dog and they come home, the dog is not growling at them, no instead he is wagging his tail and licking the hand of the man who left them at home with no chance to eat anything. But the dog shames the owner into feeding him or her. You just showed how to shame someone from using a word like that. That my friend takes brains. Thank you for that read.

You should've seen

my mom trying to explain why the 30's-ish white men were calling the 60's-ish Kunta "boy" in the Roots TV show when I was about 4. I guess that is quite an insult that they think so little of him they don't even have to care about looking insane to a 4-year old who knows what the most basic words of our language mean.

Yeah, I know, it's a white privilege to get to explain racism to your kids in a controlled situation.

Defend Liberty!

Laying the guilt trip on you

Laying the guilt trip on you for saying certain words is mostly a Black/Zionist Jew/Nigger thing.

Downvoted. I dont call black

Downvoted. I dont call black people that name or assosciate with anyone who does, so dont you dare make yourself feel better by attributing your white supremecist viewpoint on others (you claim '99% of the country has used that word'. Maybe in your generation, or state, but NOT MINE). She deserved to be fired for it and if she wasnt i would have boycotted food network for supporting her spouting racist crap. Its 2013 and although the right to free speech allows her to say what she wants, food network with the support of the free market also has the right to stop paying her and spreading her opinions. Good for them that they exercised this power.

Somebody is drinking koolaid

You called the OP a white supremacist for that post?!?! It sounds like you allow someone else to do your "thinking" for you...perhaps the MSM or maybe your teachers.

Your friends are lucky to have such a righteous companion.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

This is what social engineering looks like.

Right out of the gate you call me a white supremacist. Silly girl, you're really too far gone to try to change so I will step over you and let other people who are reading this know that yes, we are all tribal to a certain degree and many women in this Country have been brainwashed into giving their Country away because they choose not to be a hater.

It's funny how just only white people can be haters but that lets you know that social engineering is strong and able to get people to go against their own interest in order to be politically correct. No one that I know condones the words that Mrs. Dean admits to using but make no mistake, we all go tribal at one time in our life or another. Hopefully goodness prevails and we come back to our senses.

There is now a war going on against the white race, ignore it, laugh about it and say it isn't so but that does not make it not so. I have no doubt what kind of person feels this way but if you want to see what you are doing to your Country, just keep feeling the way you feel and acting the way you act.

When a women comes out and sincerely apologizes, you forgive her and go on. That is unless you are like Jimmy Swaggart and are here to preach to us sinners how lost we all really are. How we will never measure up to your standards.

So how exactly do you propose to fight this "war"?

Your blatant racism and stupidity is actually quite amazing.

So if you truly believe there is a "war against the white race" (SMH) how do you propose to fight this war?

Should the government step in creating laws to protect the white race like an endangered species?

Should white people take arms against anyone who isn't white?

Perhaps all white people should get together and move other people who are not white into "protection camps" so that they no longer pose a threat to said "white people"...

I am actually curious as to what you propose to do to fight this mythical "war".

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

" there is a war against the

" there is a war against the White Race".....

Explain that to me. What war and who is doing it?

There was certainly a war against blacks and to some extent there still is a war against them. It was done by law and it is now done by law too through, what Ron Paul described, unfair execution of drug laws.

I have to be honest, whenever I hear things like " replacing the White Race will not be as kind to White People as White People have been to them." I smell white nationalism behind it, and ultimately white pride. I could be wrong, but those are usually the ones that speak in those terms.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Maybe you smell what you choose to smell but facts are facts.

This Country has had a war going on against the white race for the past 50 years. The demographics prove this. You will now see 1/4 of this nation change over night or within the next few years. Your laws will change, you will never again see a white male president in these here United States.

Will that be good? Ask Detroit or any other large town that no longer has white families living in them. This Country in the early 1960's was almost 96 percent white. Now look and see how many whites there are. What does this mean to me? I try to find a safe neighborhood to live in so you tell me what my neighbors look like. I don't need to tell you seeing as you use your nose to figure these things out. Did you know that over 50,000 white people have been murdered by blacks in this Country in the past 50 years?

Well seeing as it is the white mans fault then what do you suggest he do? Offer benefits and allow hiring preferences and give special scholarships so that crime will go down? Maybe elect a black president? Has this worked? Truth is something none of us like to look at including me from time to time but just because you are not looking does not mean it is not there. Jackson once said, "the best feeling he had when walking down a street in D.C was to find out it was a white person walking behind you at night." His words not mine

You're perfectly free to

declare your own war on the black race by going over to Africa and trying to out-populate them. You might even demand to be treated humanely. That would be an egregious act of war, but turnabout is fair play.

It doesn't seem a great strategy for a war, though. It sounds more like simply living your life.

Defend Liberty!

You are an racist idiot and

You are an racist idiot and RIDICULOUS!! and they belong on Stormfront.

How many blacks were murdered by blacks in the last 50 years? Are you suggesting that only black neighbor hoods are dangerous and crime ridden?

What difference is it to you if you don't see another white President? See I KNEW you were a racist... it's so obvious....

You are constantly thinking on COLOR..... which makes you a collectivist idiot... which I despise...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Forgive me, I think you meant to say....

A racist idiot not an racist idiot. Your words are hurtful but non the less they are your feelings and you are entitled to them, am I not allowed the same right? I guess not, I am white.

What I'm about to write has

What I'm about to write has nothing to do with Paula Deen but just my thoughts on this new race reality we're in. There's a Madden gamer on YouTube who uses the N word often. And yet the guy has become immensely popular because it's all in good fun. He even does video's where he highlights an "angry hood nigga rant". Now the guy who does the videos is black, and they're hilarious. Not because he or I is a racist, but because it's all so stupid and silly. But it reminds me of that movie, Django Unchained. They use the N word constantly in both an historical context but an ironic or humorous way - for instance when Samuel Jackson's character uses it.

There's the real world, where we all make fun of our OWN race, ethnicity, weight, or weaknesses and then there's the fake political correctness world where we never do. I don't really inhabit the PC world because it does not exist outside of the media. In real life, family and friends say offensive shit to each other on a daily basis. It's actually a way to connect with each other. It's typically never meant in an aggressive manner. But this all gets twisted and used when people are looking to create controversy.

This all overlooks the fact that Paula Deen has every RIGHT to use that word. Just as black people use it all the time.

I agree

White people have become spineless.

Here is what she should have said...


He said that so much better than I could have said it.

Those were the words that I was looking for. Thank you so much for posting that video. It was spot on.

That is one hot potato

I see social engineering is alive and well in America. What is being done to the White Race is nothing compared what will be done in just a few years.