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Another Reason to abolish the IRS

Huge IRS Fraud costing us billions!!


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August, 2012

IRS told employees to ignore potential fraud in program used by immigrants


Wow. Makes me think of those "kooky conspiracy theories"

about the deliberate sabotage of the US via bleeding the taxpayer, implementing NAFTA, essentially erasing the borders, creating the NAU, amping up the SPP, and letting illegals flood into our country to "level" (a la "spread the wealth") the socio-economic playing field... and something about the death of the American middle class?

(Allowing fraud / crime to continue intentionally as a matter of policy, no doubt? Hmmmm....)

Funny how many "conspiracy theories" are becoming reality these days....

: (

What would the Founders do?

They can't do a thing about it? Baloney

I'm not justifying or advocating the IRS or income tax, BUT...

If they can go after and collect from other U.S. citizens for even just making a mistake on their tax returns...

If they have time to target tea party/liberty groups with extra and outrageous scrutiny...

If the gov't has time, money, and resources to waste with outrageous military-style swat raids of businesses like this...

...Then yeah, I think they can do something about the deliberate frauds referenced in the story by the OP.

This illustrates the complete INSANITY of three things:

1. Our tolerance of illegal immigration

2. The undue and unjust authority and incompetence of the IRS / tax system as is

3. Child tax credits. These are BULLSHIT! This is in essence welfare that those of us WITHOUT kids are unjustly made to pay for the rest of you with kids! And here it is being used to fuck all of us over!

Child tax credits are CRAP because children are a financial strain / cost to society through the public education system (for which we are taxed) and more. Kids are beautiful and so on, but to give *tax breaks* to parents--especially per child--is asinine and wrong!

I hereby declare that any serious, self-proclaimed Libertarians must agree with this perspective on child tax credits to be worth your salt.

What would the Founders do?

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It should be obvious to all, the IRS is a political institution,

and it is the one institution for which Constitutional protections do not apply. It presumes guilt upon the public and violates 4th Amendment protections against unwarranted search and seizures.
Unfortunately, it is not yet obvious to all...

Undo what Wilson did


That is why I posted it. For some reason just about anything that I post never makes it to the front page; however this is really important stuff! People need to know what's going on and I think the daily Paul is one of those tools that helps get it done.


Actually, would you consider posting it again with a more

accurate title, along the lines of "Illegal Immigration Results in IRS Tax Fraud" or some such? That may help get the word out.

(LOL! Sorry, I'm not very subtle with my *issues*!)

What would the Founders do?

I feel your pain!

You're right, though. And this issue reveals other problems beyond the obvious fraud scheme that has been discovered!

What would the Founders do?