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The Guardian: Edward Snowden Seeks Asylum in Ecuador

After leaving Hong Kong this morning, Snowden took an Aeroflot commercial flight to Moscow, where he was met by officials from Ecuador, and requested asylum. WikiLeaks assisted in the operation.

Live updates from the Guardian:


Video thanks to goldenequity


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Hey!!...Let's Go Visit Edward Goldenequity


Unless Iceland officially rejects a plea for citizenship

I can't imagine why they would pick Ecuador, because our government has more control over South American countries and has more operatives there, not to mention has more corruption there, than anywhere else in the world. South America is more unstable and more likely to be invaded by us.

Edward Snowden, we don't think would be very safe there. Julian Assange is safe right now, but he's inside a hotel and can't leave. It's really not a good comparison for "safety" evaluations.

Our sense is that this would be a mistake. Didn't KimDotCom say he was thinking of going to Iceland? I don't understand the reasoning behind Ecuador, if true.

Venezuela or Ecuador could EASILY be invaded by our US military for whatever flimsy reason it could come up with, whereas ICELAND would not be invaded for any reason. It's the safest bet. There is no doubt about it, IF ICELAND will have him.

TO Edward Snowden---at the least, it is wise to apply to Iceland for citizenship and see what their response is. At least, you would know where you stand BEFORE a flight to South America occurs, where we believe you would be MUCH LESS SAFE in the long term.

see that dashed line on the map?

aka the Equator?.... you need a snorkel just to change your wet clothes hanging outside. :)
Then again... fresh fruit, fish and a helluva veg garden sounds tempting.

Now Your Talkin..

King Edward, A mighty brave fella...

Obama is probably wondering what Snowden knows about him - lol..