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Daily Kos: Obama Is A Fugin Fraud

Oh really? Who would of guessed that?
"I gave this man $5000 in 2007 and spent many hours to canvass and phonebank for him.

I gave him another $500 in 2011 and again voted for him.

I bought the boohoo story of those meanie Republicans obatructing everything. I bought the story that we "won" with the ACA passing and broadended gay rights, but had to give up $800 billion of our hard earned money to bank crooks and let them drive away in their Bentleys to their 20 room mansions because he just couldn't do anything about it-- too big to fail. While us peons were left to fall.

They hoard and hide over $32 Trillion of wealth in the Caymans to avoid contributing to the society that helped them enrich themselves and they cry "SOCIALISM" when poor mothers and kids need help to find some modicum of GMO-made, cancer-inducing, diabetes-creating, cancer-causing suppliment food.

It's all a grand game, an act, a nation-sized con job."

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Ohh dear lord the comments

Ohh dear lord the comments are unbearable.

HIlary 2016

Yeah.. What the guy is saying, should be music to our ears. But read what he has to say in the comments section. He basically discounts all of what he had to say in the article:

"He's earned his legacy; first bi-racial President. Great moment in history.

Now move the f*** on and let Hillary get shit done."

He's almost there

Love it, but how long until this guy realizes that the same big greedy monster businesses that harvest wealth from the divided sheeple are the same ones advocating every big government program either out there or in the works? Captive government monopolized markets will only ever mean more fleece for the banksters, corporate monstrosities and greed mongers.


Maybe soon they will figure out...

that big government solutions cannot work simply (and among other reasons) because the "right people" will never be found to implement them.

I wouldn't hold my breath on

I wouldn't hold my breath on that, they think he's a fraud for not implementing more big govt solutions. I think most people only read what reinforces their current beliefs so I don't see them learning economics anytime soon, which is what it would take for them to figure out big gov't solutions won't work.

So the socialist realizes Obama is a fraud...

...good, but when will he realize that socialism is a fraud?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

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Oh good, they finally figured this out

Better late than never.

And to my surprise and

And to my surprise and delight, I've seen a number of high-profile liberals recently tweeting and letting their support of Rand Paul be known. I have no idea if that will last into 2016, but it's interesting that it's happening now.

But have they, really?

If they are ready to back Hillary, after the campaign she ran and her State department follies, they are not awake yet. They are still half-asleep.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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obombya has the perfect solution...

Lets all go to Africa!

A 100 million dollar vacation.

Take that, Americans.

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