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Snowden: Tyrants in a Tizzy

{This is written by someone that has worked in the Intelligence Community (2001-2005 Russian then Hebrew linguist -MiddleEast Theater) who held the same clearance as Mr. Snowden, saw many similiar issues back then and feels very strongly about helping to achieve full transparency.}

Snowden update: Tyrants in a tizzy.

So it's my day off and all I'm hearing/reading about in the news is Snowden's exit to Moscow.

The U.S. has apparently revoked his passport (oh now, he's gonna miss out on TSA treatment). Media talking heads keep saying "he could get the death penalty" as if he's already been found guilty of treason. CNN is speculating that his traveling to "less free" countries is somehow indicative of his ulterior motives which is pretty poor propaganda. First China (HK) and now Russia... this is getting very interesting.

One of the most consistent remarks is that if he felt he was innocent he should just come back to the U.S. to make his case. Well let's see how that worked for previous whistle-blowers. A good example of this is Army private Bradley Manning who has been in maximum security custody for years now and spent much of it in complete isolation with other tactics being used that I will not describe here, you can look it up yourself. So after years of abuse in a sunless hole Mr. Snowden could then look forward to having a most likely secret trial with an obvious verdict. There is no scenario where Snowden could have remained in the U.S. and not have been made an example of by now.

I've heard some people wonder why he's still free to globe trot since he's basically NSA's most wanted. This line of questioning is somewhat faulty as it relies on the errant assumption that our intelligence community, or NSA more specifically, is all powerful. It clearly is not and you should be thankful for that fact. Mr. Snowden's revelation of the scope and scale of NSA's activities, especially in regards to private citizens, is akin to the revealing of the "eye of Mordor". Another fascinating aspect of all this new discussion about privacy is the admittance that privacy theory speculators over the last 15 years have been right. This reduction of credibility in the "establishment" doesn't just disappear it goes somewhere, and it has gone to those that consistently predicted this nightmarish regime that the NSA's pervasive surveillance represents.

Some good news for us is that this story was brought to us by 1 journalist initially who had the courage to commit. If just 1 journalist can shed this much sunlight on the dangerous precipice our country is on, imagine what more could do. If we had just 9 other such journalists the spin-room damage control would be completely over whelmed and we would see either full out prosecutions of government officials or a massive replacement of sitting representatives in election fall outs.

Whenever you watch the news and see "State department correspondent", just translate that to "current intelligence operative and authoritarian mouth piece". Most of these people that are brought on as diplomatic "experts" are former or current intelligence individuals. This isn't a big secret it's just that people mistakenly believe they are somehow getting a "neutral" report on events when it's really just a pre-crafted template. Normally this ridiculous amount of spin is useless, but lately there has been a very coherent pattern. They are attempting to intimidate future intelligence whistle-blowers by claiming that any revelation (whether or not it's immoral/illegal activities) of secret programs/actions will be treated as "treason". Of course this reminds us of a certain notable quote:

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies" - Ron Paul (The Revolution a Manifesto)

More updates to come soon.

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I'm re-pasting my responses to some things you wrote in the post below. You never responded to them.


Responses to Billiameo's Post on Siebel Edmonds/Greenwald Thing

but tries her best to smear Snowden as well by stating that "Snowden hasn't issued a statement" regarding these actions so he therefore must be in cahoots.

Siebel said she was holding off judgment on Snowden until she heard his response. If he "didn't have a problem" with what Greenwald ws doing (profiting) then she'd have to question his motives. She also mentioned the possibility that Snowden might also be profiting from this (kickbacks from Greenwald's deal?) Also why have there been no new "blockbuster" revelations so far? Russ Tice and Bill Binney talked about dragnet surveillance. Did Greenwald make a conscious choice to "disseminate the info slowly" to either:

A) Profiteer from the "real bombshells" being revealed in his upcoming book?

B) Buy time for TPTB, while desensitizing the public? Basically say "the revelations are coming" but then continue leaking stuff that just reinforces previous stuff?

C) Some other reason?

her whole premise that somehow deriving some kind of living for exposing the truth is "profiteering"

I would argue that was NOT her premise at all. As she pointed out, Greenwald's salary at the Guardian was (from memory) between $500K and $1M per year. In other words, he was doing just fine financially. And Greenwald apparently said he needed to start his own news organization to get lawyers, etc. She pointed out, however, that Greenwald already had that at the Guardian. In short, none of Greenwald's stated reasons for teaming up w/ Omidyar were compelling.

As for Siebel, it's not like she's rich. She does have a book but she's entitled to "make a living". Contrast that with Greenwald who, again, was already making a very good salary but decided to act in a way that raises suspicion about his motives (e.g. will he self-censor anything related to paypal and the NSA?), which Siebel said was not the way a whistleblower (or, in this case, someone supposedly helping get the whistleblower's message out) should act.

she is speaking on "Infowars" is one of the most financially successful businesses "making a profit" by exposing information

Again, these organizations need money to exist. I think Infowars deserves credit for not taking big name sponsors, which could affect what they discuss.

Thirdly, as far as the attack on Mr. Snowden by proxy.. well that is just tasteless. Mr. Snowden spent quite a few years holding true to his beliefs in an environment that rewards sellouts and punishes principle. He gave up this Hawaii location, girlfriend, decent salary, and future security... so that he could fulfill what his conscience had been demanding of him for those trying years working for the NSA. Even going so far as to study up on Mandarin before heading over to Hong Kong.

Again, she didn't attack Snowden. She merely asked questions and said that, based on the way he responds, she'll make a judgment. The stuff you write about Snowden giving things up is only true if Snowden is legit. If he's "double-crossing the public" though and just "playing the role of a whistleblower" then he's not "giving up" anything. If you're really a "former intelligence person", how could you not see this? Just to be clear, btw, I'm not claiming that either Greenwald and/or Snowden are "fake". I'm just saying that it's absolutely possible (and, I am suspicious).

As to the points that, "The MainSteam media keep pushing Greenwald and Snowden".. so they therefore must be some kind of government plants is absolutely without merit.

Yes, the media does mention them quite a bit more than some previous whistleblowers.. but perhaps there are some logical reasons for this.

One such reason is the fact that previous whistleblowers exposed "compartments" of corruption, whereas Mr. Snowden showed everyone the sinking Titanic.

Russ Tice mentioned that the NSA spied on Obama when he was running for Senate. That doesn't deserve massive mainstream news media attention?

Let me ask you this though - generally speaking, do you trust the MSM? Or do you think it's government controlled propaganda?

Greenwald covered all of

Greenwald covered all of those whistleblowers including Sibel, Tice, and Binney.

Ventura 2012

Beginning in 2005.

Beginning in 2005. http://glenngreenwald.blogspot.com/2005/12/finally-punishing...

I jusy hope you are not too ego invested in your position because I have been reading Greenwald since 2005 so I -know- Edmonds is lying.

Ventura 2012

A Resurrection of Osama Bin Laden

The government is losing it's authority for the war on terror. So they have created a new version of terror with new actors and more convenient facts.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Most reporters and people on

Most reporters and people on mainstream media news are just a bunch of establishment ass lickers.

truth is treason in the empire of lies...

From Revolution: A Manifesto
"truth is treason in the empire of lies"

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

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I look forward to future updates.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts


thanks Billiameo!

I've upped my damage

I've upped my damage estimates Edward Snowden has done to TPTB to $2.5 trillion.

Reminds me of the role reversal transformation that has taken place since 1977. Snowden can have a comedy carrier in Russia like Yakov Smirnoff had in the US.
Yakov Smirnoff Career Highlights

Nice piece!




it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

If Constitution were operational, then Edward could come home!

Congress continues its charade for its creditors.

Free includes debt-free!

For its creditors or for its benefactors?

IF the Constitution were operational, most of those bozos in Congress would be tried for treason.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Good point! Our creditors, their benefactors.

At least according to the laws that governments created.

Congress wasted the money. They can repay it out of their own pocket.

Free includes debt-free!

Wherever he ends up I

Wherever he ends up I guarantee will start seeing a large increase in tourists and expats.