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Ecuador, heaven for expats

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I think Ecuador is just a

I think Ecuador is just a decoy and the MSM bought that line because they're stupid. No one knows Snowden's final destination, nor would I tell anyone if I were him. Edward will be welcome and comfortable in Moscow for a while on his world tour vacation.

The best thing about Ecuador

The best thing about Ecuador is the ease of residency (comparatively speaking). A $25K investment, property purchase, bank account ,etc...and you're pretty much in. I think you can get citizenship in 2-3 years of residency too.

Costa Rica, one of my favorite places, is more of a hassle. If you don't have a pension to help you qualify, you need a 60K bank account or a 200K property purchase I believe...and it's like 6-7 years till citizenship. Don't quote's been a while since I've looked and these things change.

I wish I could combine the best aspects of both countries.

The one downside as far as Ecuador...gun laws. Ecuador doesn't have strong self defense laws. If someone pulls a gun on you and you kill them, you can go to jail for a long time.

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