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Crying Keith Alexander Defends NSA Surveillance Expectations for Preventing Another 9/11 Inside Job

(I can't help but laugh when they mention 9/11. We all know Building 7 was definitely an inside job. My current damage estimate of Snowden's heroic actions is $2.5 Trillion over ten years.)


NSA Director: Edward Snowden Has Caused Irreversible Damage to US

Keith Alexander defends agency's broad surveillance as being in line with Americans' expectations for preventing another 9/11

"National Security Agency director Keith Alexander said on Sunday that whistleblower Edward Snowden betrayed the trust of Americans and defended the broad surveillance programs as necessary to prevent another terrorist attack.

As Snowden evaded an attempt on Sunday by Washington to have him arrested in Hong Kong, General Alexander told ABC's This Week: "This is an individual who is not acting, in my opinion, with noble intent ... What Snowden has revealed has caused irreversible and significant damage to our country and to our allies."

Alexander said the NSA surveillance programs Snowden had disclosed to the Guardian were tightly overseen and disputed statements from members of the Senate intelligence committee that they had not played a unique role in preventing terrorist attacks."


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Surveillance Expectations for covering up a new 9/11 Inside Job

Cover up worked the first time. No one was fired.

Free includes debt-free!

TWA 800 documentary will

TWA 800 documentary will shatter the official government story. The government is worried too many people talking to each other is exposing government crime and coverups. They think spying on Americans helps their cause.

I would think gallows humor in good taste.

What if the team's crime is uncovered? You all hang!

Free includes debt-free!