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Libertarianism For the Digital Age (Julian Assange Book Reco)

Just finishing up Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet by Julian Assange (Author), Jacob Appelbaum (Author), Andy Muller-Maguhn (Author)

I don't feel technically competent to review the book, but its basically discussions between the three authors in the format of a book.

Lengthy exchanges on bitcoin, Tor, cryptography, and how the underlying architecture of information technology and the internet have inherent political consequences.

Focuses on how the cryptographic possibilities inherent in mathematics and hardwired in nature represent a safeguard of privacy and liberty, and how properly designed systems of information and communications can have within them the seeds of privacy and liberty in their political consequences.

A technological focus on achieving political outcomes rather than merely focusing on activism and changing minds or winning votes. I found a lot of the discussions fascinating. Highly recommended.

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even chimps are known to self

even chimps are known to self bump