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Booz Allen Hamilton: What You Don't Know About Snowden's Former Employer

Let's take another trip down the rabbit hole, shall we?

Lost in the Edward Snowden debate is a critical look at his former employer, the company doing the spying on Americans in the first place: Booz Allen Hamilton.

Booz Allen Hamilton is a government contractor, with 99% of its revenue coming from the US government. Not only does it receive money from the NSA, but also the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and ... the IRS. In addition, Booz Allen is heavily connected to the CIA.

Among the individuals involved in running the company, we have:

James Clapper - current Director of National Intelligence (DNI), head of NSA, the man who lied to Congress about the fact that NSA is actively spying on Americans, is a former executive

Mike McConnell - a current executive of the company, had Clapper's job (DNI) during George W. Bush's administration (keep it in the family, eh?) -- he worked for Booz Allen before Bush, then worked for Bush, then back to Booz Allen after Bush

James Woolsey - former CIA Director, current executive (see Jan Helfeld's interview of Mr. Woolsey where it becomes clear that Woolsey has no interest in discussing principles, only war)

Melissa Hathaway - former executive, also worked for McConnell during the Bush administration

Ian Brzezinski - former executive, son of Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, central figure in the NWO crowd, and mastermind of Operation Cyclone

Dov Zakheim - this character is ... unbelievable:

1993 - His company, System Planning Corporation, had a subsidiary called Tridata Corporation, which was the company that "oversaw" the investigation of the 1993 WTC bombing

2000 - Part of the neocon Project for a New American Century, he is co-author of "Rebuilding America's Defenses," in which he is credited with the infamous line, "... some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."

2001 - He is appointed Comptroller of the Pentagon, in which $2.3 trillion promptly goes "missing"

2001 - Attack on 9/11 occurs; some people are suspicious of his connections, since his company, SPC, in involved in flight systems capable of remote controlling aircraft, and because he was the guy who leased 32 Boeing 767 aircraft to McDill Air Force Base (2 of the 9/11 aircraft were 767's), and McDill is close to Elgin AFB, which was the location that was to be used if Operation Northwoods had gone live

2004 - Goes to work for Booz Allen Hamilton.

2012 - Advisor on Middle East policy for Mitt Romney campaign (gee ... ya think Romney would have gone to war in the Middle East???)

Booz Allen Hamilton is owned by the Carlyle Group.

One of the big investors in the Carlyle Group was the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia. Yeah ... THAT Bin Laden family. And instrumental in being the "go between" for Carlyle/Bin Laden was a guy by the name of George H. W. Bush. Maybe you've heard of him?

The CEO of the Carlyle Group (remember, they OWN Booz Allen Hamilton) is Frank Carlucci. Mr. Carlucci has quite a resume:

Nixon Administration - Director of the Office for Economic Opportunity (the "War on Poverty" -- and a great place to decide who gets government contracts)

Carter Administration - Deputy Director of the CIA

Reagan Administration - National Security Advisor and Secretary of Defense (Donald Rumsfeld is Carlucci's protoge)

He is or has been with the Project for a New American Century and a member of the Board of Trustees for the RAND Corporation, a CIA front that develops policies that the Military Industrial Complex then carries out.

You want a NWO guy? Carlucci is your man. And CEO of Carlyle Group, owner of Booz Allen Hamilton, spying on YOU.

At RAND, his specialty was Middle East policy. What do you know? That was also the specialty of Graham Fuller, CIA guy who was the father-in-law of Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of Tamarlan Tsarnev, suspected Boston bomber.

Speaking of the Boston bombing and Tamarlan Tsarnev, he had a couple of trips to Russia that made the news. But what did not make the news (in America, but it did in Russia) is that he went there for "training" that was funded by the Jamestown Foundation. And what do you know? The Jamestown Foundation (CIA front) has among its past board members none other than Dick Cheney and Marcia Carlucci, wife of Frank Carlucci.

See my post here about the CIA connections to the Boston bombing:

Given all their connections and government contracts, here's an interesting question: Booz Allen Hamilton has not only been involved in spying via the NSA, but they have also received no-bid contracts from the IRS. What do they know about the American people via the IRS?

Now, one of the things you will start to see if you look around at some of the big corporations these days is that many of them are involved in what they call "corporate citizenship" or something similar. What this means at the surface level is they are being "good citizens" by donating to charity. But when you go beyond the surface, you will see something else going on.

Booz Allen Hamilton donates money to the Clinton Global Initiative. The CGI is a part of the Clinton Foundation (yeah, THAT Clinton).

The Clinton Foundation has been implicated in bribery on an international level. Clinton gave himself a special little privilege while president wherein he exempted the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation from the normal rules of disclosure regarding publicly listing who its contributors were. It's a secret foundation. And it has over $200 million in assets now. And is alleged to be used as a way to funnel black money from corrupt governments around the world for behind-the-scenes deals like special oil contracts, arms dealing, US government foreign aid deals, whatever.

So folks, what you are not being told in the media about Edward Snowden's former company is that it is not only spying on you, but it is probably checking out your tax returns, too, and also receiving some of your tax money in government contracts, which it then funnels to CIA-connected/Military Industrial Complex-connected/NWO-connected individuals and organizations.

Something like this: Your tax money (taken from you by force) -> IRS -> Booz Allen Hamilton -> Clinton Foundation -> foreign bribes -> more contracts for the Military Industrial Complex -> more spending by foreign governments -> more foreign aid from the US government -> more US government spending -> more taxes needed -> more taxes from YOU.

Oh ... and they are spying on you, too.

But Edward Snowden ... yeah HE is the bad guy here. Uh huh ... move along ... nothing to see here.

- - - - -

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This is a really important and good post!!!!Thank You!!!I know its an old post but this needed bumped.

Corporate Catechism: The Complex For The Simple

I Love Chris Floyd's and Arthur Silber's Writing and Insight into the system of citizenship which thrives on unilateral intelligence.

Thanks to Bob-45 for this excellent link:

Chris Floyd quotes Arthur Silber's article:

"Silber concludes:

…The intelligence-security industry isn’t about protecting the United States or you, except for extraordinarily rare, virtually accidental occurrences. It’s about wealth and power. Yet every politician and every government functionary speaks reverently of the sacred mission and crucial importance of “intelligence” in the manner of a syphilitic preacher who clutches a tatty, moth-eaten doll of the Madonna, which he digitally manipulates by sticking his fingers in its orifices. Most people would find his behavior shockingly obscene, if they noticed it. But they don’t notice it, so mesmerized are they by the preacher with his phonily awestruck words about the holy of holies and the ungraspably noble purpose of his mission. Even as the suppurating sores on the preacher’s face ooze blood and pus, his audience can only gasp, “We must pay attention to what he says! He wants only the best for us! He’s trying to save us!”

What the preacher says — what every politician and national security official says on this subject — is a goddamned lie. The ruling class has figured out yet another way to make a killing, both figuratively and literally. They want wealth and power, and always more wealth and power. That’s what “intelligence” and “national security” is about, and nothing else at all. "

Spreading and explaining this ...

is so important, compared to the bread and circus of the MSM.

Jan Helfeld's picture

The Feds want Snowden to become a Spy

The Feds want Snowden to become a Spy. see it here on DP

Jan Helfeld

Cyril's picture

Booz Allen makes you want to trash yourself w/ gallons of booze

Booz Allen makes you want to trash yourself with gallons of booze...

if only to forget about what they're up to in their ugly business.

Blood thirsty crony leeches feeding on the tax payers' sweat.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Great Work.

If only everyone in the country could read this they'd know how much of a joke most media is now and just how corrupt everything is =/

luckily I just turned 23 and I won't give up the good fight til I die.

Sharing this everywhere!

I just bookmarked this comment.

Thanks again TommyPaine for sharing. I've spread this far and wide because this is the nuts and bolts of so much in America today.

Fantastic research, TP!


ChristianAnarchist's picture

"Everything is a conspiracy

"Everything is a conspiracy unless proven otherwise." I've said that in the past and I stand by it. The powers that be have spent a great deal of effort to give "conspiracy theorists" a bad name but in my 61 years of following the BS that "government" pushes on us has brought me to the forgoing conclusion. Oh, there ARE some things that are not conspiracies, some lone actors out there, but MOST of the important events that shape our world ARE conspiracies, in my humble opinion (and based on what I've learned my entire life...)

Beware the cult of "government"...

Sonmi 541: "Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths."

I don't

I don't trust...anything...anymore.

Some more info ...

... Bill Clinton (and by extension, Hillary) is not the only bad guy out there, but he is one of them. He is an excellent (maybe the best) example of someone who was recruited into the system rather than being born into it.

The Bush family was born into it, but Clinton was a student who showed promise and was recruited. He was a Rhodes Scholar, which was something set up by Cecil Rhodes to identify and recruit like-minded people who would be interested in joining the system for global control.

Clinton's college professor at Georgetown was Carroll Quigley, and he is the guy who showed Clinton the ropes and how to get fully inside. Clinton is connected, which is why he became president.

Since he left office, his foundation has ballooned in assets, and many think that is due to corrupt deal making.

Clinton appears to have brokered a deal between Moukhtar Dzhakishev and Frank Guistra, and pocketed a cool $31 million for his foundation as a "commission."

Kazakhstan is rich in natural resources, including the #1 country for uranium production. Dzhakishev is the former head of that country's uranium mining operation, and he was arrested for stealing 60% of the country's uranium deposits.

Gustria is a Canadian financier who "bought" the mining rights from Dzhakishev and sold the shell company for $3.1 billion. (Is it "just a coincidence" that Clinton Foundation's "donation of $31 million was exactly 1% of the sale price of $3.1 billion?)

All this occurred while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Clinton is buddy-buddy with Gustria through the Clinton Gustria Enterprise Partnership. Is this a charitable entity or just a front for secret business dealings? They are also tied to Carlos Slim, richest man in Mexico and one of the richest in the world.

Gustria also owns Lionsgate entertainment, which is probably chump change for someone who just banked big bucks on a uranium mine.

So ...

Clinton is tied to individuals and companies who produce uranium, as well as Booz Allen Hamilton/CIA/NWO. See how they move money and assets around, get control of natural resources, and utilize media and government for manipulation?

He seems to be trying to become one of the kingpins, like a David Rockefeller. His association with Gustria is evidence of that, as Gustria formed his own organization that is similar to RAND called the International Crisis Group, which is a think tank to come up with policy that MIC types can then carry out. At least, that's what it appears to be.

I think at this point we know WHAT (people who want to control the world's assets, including human), and some of the WHO (people associated with this organizations), but figuring out the HOW is what is missing from most discussions.

The HOW is so important because it is what stands in the way of the average person accepting the WHAT. "OK ... but HOW could they ever pull off such a thing?" is the question that comes up all the time.

Thanks for everyone on this thread for the kind words. If other people have information about the how, please post it in this thread.

The single best source I've seen for understanding the how is G. Edward Griffin's lecture about Carroll Quigley:

Here are links to the other topics above:

Please define "How" here.

When you say "How" what do you mean exactly?

The How seems pretty obvious when one realizes the Banking institutions and the Fractional reserve banking combined with illegal drug profits.

I started my journey asking how a plant could be made illegal then I moved into why and how do we have a "war on drugs". This research inherently led to researching banking due to the massive drug money laundering required for the vast cash involved with illegal drugs.

In 2002 I found what I considered to be the final pinnacle of definitive proof of why and how we have a drug war. I took the UN estimated dollar amount of worldwide drug profits of approximately $600 billion then I plugged this amount into the top level of a money multiplier calculator to see how many loans could be generated through the fractional reserve banking system. The amount was beyond astounding: $88 trillion in loans can be generated ANNUALLY from $600 billion in cash injected into the top level of the banking system. Lets put this into perspective; the US military budget is now ~$850 billion, the Gross world product (GWP) is now about $85 trillion. This amount of currency that can be generated from illegal profits was so astounding to me that I realized that groups in control of even a fraction of this amount of currency could build entire private armies and advanced weapons development facilities. They would literally be capable of waging war on the entire world. They only need the cover of "government" to provide a façade of lots of money being spent. Also CATO institute pointed out that IRS reporting of money transfers has a cap of $50 million, so larger transactions do not need to be reported. This enables the drug kingpins to launder vast amounts of cash into the worldwide banking system which can then be fractionally reserved upon loan generation. If you have unlimited cash and access to all worldwide intelligence apparatus then a group could strategically generate loans and contracts amongst companies as to make interlocking dependencies of supply chains. This interlocking dependencies of supply chains enables them to have a failsafe against rogue corporate executives who may get out of line and enables them to exert tremendous influence over markets.

I have a lot more detailed info that I could pull sources on but I would really like for you define exactly what you mean by "How".

The details of How currency is generated is, to me, the real story of How. This leads to one realizing that it all starts with our Birth certificates with the calculated "future profit earning potential" of the certified "person" which is simply the estimated amount that the "taxpayer" will pay back to the IRS over their lifetime. All assets of the "person" is then added to adjusted calculations including every grade in school completed and every grade received, every higher education degree received and every asset registered with the STATE/US, all benefits utilized and every criminal record, as well as all insurance records, all used to calculate the adjusted future profit earning potential that secures the T-bills issued. The birth certificate is also the beginning, and end, source of all the spying and tracking of everyone all for the banksters to have enough intel to keep their currency fraud going as long as possible. This intel enables them vast manipulation over the currency.

Let me know exactly the "How" you are looking for and I will see if I can point you to the sources.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

"How" ...

... to me is the specific methods used to move money and maintain power.

John D. Rockefeller famously said, "Own nothing, control everything." Ownership can be telling, but it is the control that counts. You mentioned the IRS reporting of bank transfers is exempt for amounts over $50 million. I did not know that, but this is the sort of thing I am talking about.

They use the law as much as possible and then hide anything that is blatantly illegal, thereby allowing a partly plausible explanation for what they are doing.

I am interested in the entities and methods, because that is how the power is built and maintained, and that is where libertarians can counter with their own methods, as well as starve the beast.

Cecil Rhodes laid out the basic "How" by utilizing a series of circles (that he learned about from reading the papers that were discovered when the Illuminati were raided in the late 1700's).

You mentioned loans that can maintain power. Yes, that is one way. If you read up on Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs, it started out as a loan and morphed into equity. He also got his guy on the Board of Directors. This is a key method of both knowledge and control.

If you had a guy on the BOD of Company X, you would know the major decisions going on, what the company's future was, and you could make a lot of money, too. Having key people on the Boards of Directors is a key tool.

Delaware is used as the main incorporation location in the US because they have court cases that allow large companies to be controlled by directors even where shareholders don't like what is going on. It is almost impossible for shareholders of a Delaware company that is also a public company (SEC) to tell the directors what to do. Shareholder power is an illusion due to the Delaware law and SEC regulations.

In Delaware, I once read a statute that was temporary. If a person formed an entity on a specific date (it was just ONE day), then that entity would have a special exemption from reporting requirements forever.

Likewise, Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code had a special exemption for 2010 and 2011 making certain corporations 100% exempt from capital gains tax upon the sale of stock. Obama signed this, even though he claims he is opposed to "the rich."

It is possible to set up entities that are completely exempt from taxes, even though the information is hard to find due to the propaganda against it.

Money is moved around through entities, especially foundations and corporations that have government contracts.

The United Kingdom has special laws for large corporations allowing them to have subsidiaries in tax havens and not pay any taxes, but smaller corporations do not get that exemption.

I could create a libertarian-oriented organization of entities where a couple dozen people participate and no taxes would be paid -- and this would all be under the letter of the Internal Revenue Code that would be upheld by the courts and the IRS, without resorting to constitutional arguments or sovereign/birth certificate stuff.

This is how they play what they see as the game. I am interested in figuring this out because that's the way to expose things in a way that people see clearly what's going on. (Look at the reaction of people in this thread when a few dots are connected.)

When grandma has some investment funds and opens an account at her friend Millie's grandson, the stock broker who works for JP Morgan Chase, JPM then has that money to do with as they please. On the surface, they invest it for a blah blah return. But in reality, they have funds "under trust" that are used to buy controlling interest in the major corporations in the world. This is another tool they use.

I am interested in the tools, how the system is set up and operated.

I know the basics, but I am looking for any specifics. If you have any, let me know.


Tools For Dark Pools

Carlyle and Co. are doing swimmingly. Watch the backstroke in the weeks ahead. They are among the top Ceded.

Take the plunge (without benefit of a protection team). There is literally a 'wealth' of How-Now for rabbits to discover holed up in the How-Then of those whimsical History threads.

BTW - Thank you and hats off, Tommy Paine, for your excellent spelunking. Truly superb!

I have identified a way to do this

I have a very significant tool for liberty that I envision and when I was looking for ways to get this funding I found a way that is totally main line in IRS tax code. I found a way for the millions of RP supporters to have a 100% tax deduction for money put into these legal protection tools that I envision.

I started doing some calculations and realized that this could be so big that we could possibly build our own entire telecommunications networks. The tools I envision are based around intelligence gathering and database storage and sharing, scripted interactions with government, case law shaping through case law consolidation and promotion, criminal investigations, political planning and organizing, cop dossier reports with threat levels associated to individual cops/law enforcement, digital capacities for common law contracting that explicitly severs state/fed jurisdiction, and tools for very well regulated militias (and much much more) all on the backbone of encrypted telecommunication devices and networks.

After going through all of this new concept I realized that the best way to do it was build our own telecom network and smart phones in order to make them totally secure. Once I realized that there is a place in the IRS tax code to do this with 100% tax deductions I realized that this is the kink in the armor that we could utilize to begin building a whole new independent system of self governance based around these ideas.

Sorry but I do not wish to share this angle on here because this thread is no doubt tagged at this point. This needs to go offline otherwise TPTB will begin to work now circumvent this immediately.

I will provide other info later. Gotta go for now.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

JUST Bookmarked This...

...and can't believe I almost missed this GREAT Post!
This truly blew my mind!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


I'm still running down links here. This is a machine of Tyranny.


impressive thank you TommyPaine

Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'

Thanks for the research & sharing it with us! You rock!

Creepier than a ghost was seeing the Booz Allen Hamilton office across from the NSA complex in Panama City Beach, FL last week! Never noticed it before! It's on Thomas drive before the 98 bridge! Looked like a law firm!

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16

Kudos TommyPaine...

Thanks for taking the time and sharing it with us. Great work!

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul


Thanks for putting this together and for naming names!

You forgot to mention

Dov Zakheim is a rabbi, which really is just another name for a Pharisee, who is a dual citizen to Israel, and who has close ties with the Mossad. The PNAC is a think tank of Neocom's (not con), which is similar to the group or political faction called the Bolshevik's, which followed the initiatives created by Leon Trotsky, aka Lev Bronstein, to created the USSR. The difference in the Bolshevik and Neocom methods is, that the conquering of nations under a Totalitarian Communist regime was an economic failure, so this time around they have altered the governance to a Totalitarian Collective, or Corporatist governance, disguised as a Democracy. If you look at the way the system has been created in this country, they used the Neocom's disguished as a conservative faction to coax the right into following their system, and now it's the Stalinist factions job to lay down the hammer. They use the left vs right paradigm to create the illusion they have different objectives to misdirect the masses, but as we are seeing with the NSA revelations, they are mistakenly exposing themselves as having the same goals.

let me see if I got this right.

this sounds a LOT like National Socialism to me...

"so this time around they have altered the governance to a Totalitarian Collective, or Corporatist governance, disguised as a Democracy."

they took Hitler's Idea and refined it?

They took Mussolini's idea and refined it ...

... as he said that "fascism" should really be called "corporatism."

They figured out that beating people over the head was not as effective as giving the illusion of a democratic choice -- which is why they want to limit the choice to just two political parties and they want to control both parties.

The corporations and foundations that are connected to the political system are a super-government that can extend beyond national borders and is where the real decision-making takes place. Among the list are: Council on Foreign Relations and RAND Corporation to create policies, Booz Allen Hamilton and JP Morgan Chase to carry out policies, and Clinton Foundation and Ford Foundation to move money around. That's just US-based entities. Foreign-based entities (the major ones are not publicly known) have the added advantages of privacy and no tax requirements). And of course, let's not forget the super-secret Federal Reserve Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

It's a smart idea (for psychopaths), but that doesn't mean we have to accept it.

Helfeld v Woolsey

Here's a link to the Jan Helfeld interview with Former CIA Director/Booz Allen VP James Woolsey referred to in this post. Your blood pressure will surely rise as you see establishment arrogance in full bloom.

DJP333's picture

I feel like I just got slapped.....

with some seriously interesting information. These connections are terrifying to think about.

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

Please check this one out too.

False Flag events aren't always about bombings and death, sometimes they are events to distract the masses, using someone who pretends to be on their side.


Thank you SO MUCH TommyPaine.

Electable Ron Paul is my hero.

henry9's picture


Just wow. You are very skillful and fearless in your delivery.

Thank you for the post.

Great Post

I especially appreciate the conclusion; where you spell out the chain of how your taxes(taken by force) are used to fund these atrocities. I wish more people were sensitive to that. If I explain that to people, they seem okay with it.