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Ron Paul Making Sense on Syria – Now We’re Really Done For

I’m not arguing with all the true facts being raised by Congressman Ron Paul – of course he’s right. Every single thing he’s saying makes perfect sense and should be paid attention to by our policymakers – and that’s the source of my despair. Because no one ever listens to Ron Paul.

What’s the point in upper class idiots like John Kerry repeating all the worst mistakes that upper class idiots like GW Bush have committed in the same region – just so Ron Paul would be proven right once again? It’s almost as if by opening his mouth and speaking the truth, he’s making it impossible for anyone in government to act rationally any more. After all, who wants to come across sounding like Ron Paul?


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It's Even WORSE

It's even worse than the author amits: he was RIGHT way, way, too early.

I don't know when that statement was made, but it was obviously while he was still in Congress. It doesn't make Ron Paul's rightness any easier to take that he's right before everyone else. Smart of the author not to bring that up.

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for posting this. If not for this post, I would have never known that Moore was so much classier than Ron Paul. Guess I'll now have to subscribe to that jewish "rag".

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I say this affectionately

Spoken like a true Jew

Great find!

So true. At least someone notices now.

There's a lot of truth to

There's a lot of truth to that. That's why we need someone else like Rand, as well as establishment people and talk show hosts, to say a lot of the same things. They talk and a lot of establishment people listen. That way they don't have to hear it from Ron Paul. In the end it doesn't matter who gets the credit!