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This morning's propaganda blast from Morning Joe

Here's the sheeple's acceptable MSM memes from this morning's Morning Joe, re Edward Snowden:

1. By hiding out in HK, then traveling to Ecuador, supposedly via Moscow, Havana and Caracas, reasonable people should conclude that Snowden may be engaging in espionage, sharing secrets with authorities in these unfriendly to US locations along the way. If Snowden weren't such a coward, if his purpose actually was worthy of honoring, he'd turn himself in to US authorities and face the music back home. (Joe takes a shot at Rand here, for daring to defend this sleeping with the enemy guy's actions.)

(No discussion, of course, of the real reason Snowden is taking this route to Ecuador, that by staying out of airports of US friendly countries he's simply acting to protect his life, and that he might not want to be captured by US authorities so that he could be treated like Bradley Manning.)

2. They're starting to marginalize Glenn Greenwald now. They played the clip from MTP yesterday where Gregory asked Greenwald; "To the extent that you have aided and abetted Snowden, even in his current movements, why shouldn't you, Mr. Greenwald, be charged with a crime?"

The MJ panelists agreed that Greenwald's response was "prickly", and, while stopping short of outright vilification the suggestion was that this guy is out there and probably should no longer be considered a mainstream investigative journalist.

(No mention, of course, that Greenwald says he's sitting on much more information that he will not be releasing, (and that Snowden reportedly asked him to carefully vet prior to releasing), as it's release actually could endanger agents in the field.)

3. Admitted plagiarist Mike Barnacle weighed in with; I wanna know how this Snowden character ever got hired by Booz Allen!

This one we have to keep an eye on, because what's the implication? Booz Allen evidently thought Snowden had the technical skills necessary for the job, so what's the problem, that he didn't have a college degree? Or was it that the guy thinks for himself and that his allegiance is to the constitution and his fellow citizens rather than to a govt he believes is abusing it's power?

(Of course, no one followed up with a question to Mike B. about what he meant by his statement.)

Sorry, no video, but it'd only upset you anyway.

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Snowden =

Snowden = Whistleblower
Greenwald = Investigative Journalist
but both are heroes

Yes, he can take down the whole oligarchy

and they know it. They want to keep the corporate cash coming and not have the gubnet too upset with them.

They are also looking for an "out". They wanted to support the guy but not too much. Now they believe they have an escape hatch.

Awww....but Mika's my favorite shill!


What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!