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Grassroots: I humbly ask for your help.

I have been a member here at DailyPaul for 5 years, 10 months and 10 days. Member 1603. I didn't really start posting at DP until after the 2008 elections. Im not trying to upset anyone, but the conspiracy theorists took RPF over after the 2008 elections and that is why I started posting here.

My proudest thread at RPF was this one: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?32204-Boston-Tea...

that ended up leading to this thread:

I am proud of our movement and have been a part of it every step of the way. I have donated countless dollars and hours supporting Dr. Paul, Medina, BJ and others. I have donated to DP a few times too.

I even made the news in support of Dr. Paul:


Ive had the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul twice and Mrs. Paul once.

I live in Columbus, Ohio. I moved back to my hometown nearly a year ago to be a better father. I had a successful business outside New Orleans, in Mississippi and walked out of it for my kid. Its not an exaggeration. My partner and I could not come to an agreement so I decided just to give it to him and walk away. Let me tell ya... it has been a struggle! It has also been the best decision I have ever made. My daughter and I are incredibly close now. She is starting 4th grade in the fall. She reads at a Jr. High level and is a grade ahead in math. She is incredibly mature for her age and I could not be more proud of her.

My first activist/political meeting, in support of Rand, is tonight in Columbus, Ohio. The meeting is at the Downtown Holiday Inn at 8pm. 175 E. Town St 43215

I do not suspect more than 12 people showing up and that is absolutely fine with me. I would like to start small and allow this coalition to grow organically. Slow and steady wins the race. Getting out front now is very important. Political power is at its weakest during midterm elections. This is when the bare bones, the committed groups remain involved. This is when we can bridge gaps and find quality allies moving forward to the 16 election.

Tonight, we will meet each other, name our group and set an agenda with small goals to start. I encourage anyone in the Columbus area to join us.

In the 90's and early 00's I was a very successful 'rave' promoter in Columbus. I brought thousands of people together to party, dance and have a good time. None of my shows ever had a fight and all of my investors made money with me. That was then, this time I want to bring people together for the cause of Liberty.

I have written a business plan and need to raise some capital. The space that I have found for my business is 4000 sq. ft., 2000 sq. ft. on two floors. The top floor will be used for my awesome new business and I will donate a majority of the bottom floor for Rand Paul 2016. (I need some of the space for storage) The location is magnificent. It is central to the city. But... the window of opportunity is closing fast. I would not be asking for help if I did not believe I need it.

I need to raise $5000 this week in order to secure the lease. Once I secure the lease, I can incorporate and raise the capital I need to open. (the landlord is giving me until the end of Sept to open) I have found an incredible niche in my market that nobody has thought of. My plan exploits this niche. I am actively seeking investors but must secure this lease before anyone will sign a check.

We all believe in Free Markets and this is absolutely an opportunity to make a difference. I promise to work tirelessly on my business and for Rand Paul 2016. I need your help though.

Ive considered starting a kickstarter or chip in but would prefer to deal with investors directly. You can private message me, call or preferably text me. (I get poor reception at my house but can call back)

My pitch will not take more than 3 minutes.

Help me make a difference in my city. Ohio is a huge battleground state and I will work tirelessly to secure a Rand victory in 2016 in my city.

Thank you for your consideration.

In Liberty,

P. Nicholson

(even if you aren't interested in attending or investing, could you please bump this thread. Thanks:)

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When I read that you were a rave promoter...I was thinking you were going to open up a liberty themed nightclub before I read the rest, heh.

Because if you were going to do something like that, I'd think about investing. Not gonna spend a dime to help promote a politician though, especially one who's already practically a household name.

Still, good luck with your efforts, and I respect the fact that you're being the change you want to see.

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I dropped you a PM...

No matter what, good luck with everything.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Thank you!

and I wrote back! :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I have seen P's posts over

I have seen P's posts over many years. Anyone who doubts the sincerity and integrity here has their own agenda. I wish I was in a position to help. I certainly trust you.

and I have seen yours..

Thank you very much for your kind words. I knew this was going to be a big step for me to make.. and I appreciate your support immensely.

I cant sit by and watch anymore. Opportunity has shown itself in very big ways and I am going to work tirelessly to attain my goals.

Thanks again.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Rand paul

The son who betrayed his father, and his fathers suporters, the guy who betrayed me. Hukster go home. Nothing but hogwash bs, after 2008 if you didnt start to understand the truth about who is running the false debt slavery over humanity you missed the boat. You boldly represent all the wrong things. Yet you say your all about liberty and want to group up to support a proven traitor who has sourounded himself with the same people who betrayed Ron Paul not to mention again his betrayal. A Mitch McConnel puppet, er a puppet of a pupper.

You rail against those fighting for freedom then call the very same people to follow you in support of a turncoat who is a NEOCON at heart.

Just to be sure> quote "I didn't really start posting at DP until after the 2008 elections. Im not trying to upset anyone, but the conspiracy theorists took RPF over after the 2008 elections and that is why I started posting here."

THE CONSPIRACY THEORISTS? TOOK OVER? So your here to protect the DailyPaul from Conspiracy Theorists?

I waste my time on this but it smells rotten and I hope everyone can see through your game.


although i wouldnt quite put

although i wouldnt quite put in that way, i think that anything can still happen between now and then, someone else may come on the playing field, im just saying, be prepared for that possibility, if you are deciding to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak, prepare to be flexible, just incase

Saying that, if that is what you wanna do, god bless godspeed, and goodluck :)

The playing feild has only 2 sides

Those who force collection of false debt to control those who false debt collection is forced upon. The collection is only a obediance measuring tool. If to disobediant, the opposition can be squalched.

So as it has been for a long time, its slavery, there are those who feel they are the masters, the owners of the (Central bank false debt counterfeiter bank corporations), and those who the false debt is forced (DICTATED) upon.

Me I am not playing, Enlightened disengagementis my tactic, seeds are my weapon. Excuse me im out of the game, dont want the food, water, shelter, nor false debt money. I am not a slave. No basis to bring false debt claims against me. No basis to make claims that I am citizen in support of warmongering, genocidal maniacs.

Thank you for your kind coment.

Who else can come on the playing feild?
In zio-US politics, its like TV WRASTLING the game is so fixed, but only through the glitter and action portrayed by the zio-MSM can they still keep those who watch mesmerized.

Just an evil puppet show that distracts those who watch while ziobank agents rob the onlookers blind.



I haven't read something so visceral in a very long time. My motivations are completely sincere and my work ethic reflects it. This post is completely honest and I am holding back language normally reserved to an after hours bar.

I play no game my friend. This post is absolutely the truth. While you may be wicked to me, I sincerely hope you find some happiness.

I am not here to protect the DailyPaul. I am here because I love this community.

I believe that Rand Paul can lead this country. I will do my very best to deliver a victory in my city.. I just need some help from the grassroots getting there.

I guess Ill put you on the 'No' list. Take care.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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comments were pretty tame compared to yours a while back.

"I'm out."
Submitted by P. Nicholson on Wed, 01/09/2013 - 23:14
Daily Paul Liberty Forum
"Motherfucking FUCK Alex Jones. Motherfucking FUCK HIS SUPPORTERS.





The absolute icing on the cake.. is the reaction when Ron Paul made front page today on DP. Alex tried to coax Dr. Paul into his bizzaro world.. but Dr. Paul is wise enough to try to coax people in a different direction than ALEX JONES.

Fuck it. The liberty movement is done. Think it will go farther??? Ask Perot and Buchanan... Worthless dipshits that care more about a fact they cant prove than they do about winning.

I lost over half of my 'reception' last night at DP after 6 years standing up to you retard, paranoid pieces of shit that buried Rons chances.

So let this be my last fucking post. Im done. If the liberty movement wants to associate with the likes of a mental retard like Jones.. then fuck your koolaid.

Im out. Good luck winning.. simpleton retards."

I spent the afternoon with RP's brother Wayne on Saturday. He and his wife were both in Tampa for the RNC. His wife Donna was RP's FIRST political donor ever. We talked about how the GOP "conspired" to not only to deny RP a chance at nomination, but how they changed the rules to prevent any further "grassroots" efforts in the future.
So does that make us "simpleton retards?" It's a pretty well known FACT that the GOP conspired against us. They (as well as the media) did the same in 2008 as you well know.
Does it make RP a "simpleton" when he discusses the Bush Family and CIA running drugs, or when he says things like "building 7 is the most suspicious."

You state you "want to win," but don't seem to be very persuasive even amongst your peers. (as evidenced by the -98 on your "visceral" post/s) You don't seem to realize that RP was one of the original "conspiracy theorists" and that he attracted many people who are ALSO aware of Govt. "conspiracy." RP has even said (on the Alex Jones show BTW) that a good portion of his supporters were also listeners of AJ's show.
Let me make something clear for you. I know AJ personally. Even though we're not buddy buddy, I know him probably better than most people on this site. One of my long time friends Richard Reeves, who is/was a LION of an activist regarding the GOP, Trans Texas Corridor, the toll roads and a HOST of other local issues, also works closely with AJ. I'd bet my last dollar that he's put more effort into the GOP than many people here. (including myself)
This doesn't mean that I "follow" or agree with AJ 100%. I have publicly gone against him on his OWN show when I felt he's done wrong. (see Medina incident) Hell, I don't even agree with RP 100% of the time.
I try to listen to all, follow none, and trust my own instincts. I don't like being painted with a broad brush and demonized because I question the actions of elements within this insanely corrupt and wicked Govt..
If I were you, I'd start out by "humbly" apologizing to the many good people who were instrumental in supporting Ron Paul, not distancing yourself from them. If you "want to win" you need to learn how to communicate, because your batting average is not so hot around here. (unless you include clubbing people over the head with bats)
Most of us have had our "hothead rants" from time to time, but what I posted above is way over the line. Hopefully you'll reexamine your approach in the future.

Well Jefferson...

Thanks for bringing that up.

I do NOT want any conspiracy theorists to show up at this meeting. Any talk of any conspiracy and you will be promptly ejected. Ive had it with anything related to conspiracy. Conspiracy has a place and it is with Alex Jones, not our meeting.

I want to make this perfectly, crystal clear. Conspiracy theorists are not welcome. For 7 years I have put up with ignorant actions from this 'fringe' part of our group. I witnessed truthers scare the crap out of little old ladies and average Joe's. Our meeting is about moving forward and I refuse to lose sight or be derailed by 'conspiracy'.

And this ONE thread you post was when I had finally had it. Bring up the dead horse. Thats fine.. I take FULL responsibility for that thread.. hence it not being edited or deleted.

I harbor no shame for that thread because I have witnessed that ignorance scare off dedicated people. People that wanted to stand for Liberty and Justice. People that did not want someone screaming '9/11 was an inside job!!!' at our meetings.

The only conspiracy our group is interested in, is winning the city of Columbus for Rand in 16.

Wish we could have met in NOLA at the SRLC. Was awesome seeing so many Paul supporters in one place.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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sorry P.

but i was really interested,that is until this comment of yours
stick with that plan of alienating others who do not fit your mold
see how far it gets you,it looks like you already lost 2 from here !!

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

I am not alienating others..

I am sticking to message and not allowing disruption. If your goal is to win a race, you keep your eyes on the finish line.

I understand this may be taken negatively. Thats fine. I will not subject people, or myself to behavior that can and will splinter a group.

We have a freedom of speech and association. That does not entitle people to be divisive and disruptive.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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you stated above,who you didn't want at your meetings
all in black and white for all to see,the truthers,maybe them blasted birthers
and we can't be hav'n any of them there rednecks,trailer park dwellers
or them fellars with the gun racks in thar pick-m-up trucks,and definitely not
any of them AJ worshipers (as you so eloquently put it)
you have my blessings to hold meetings with all the ones who dress like you,who speak like you,who walk and talk and breathe like you.
so yes,it is alienation,of everyone who might speak out or up,but beware someone,somewhere will paint you just as you did them,it will not be
one of our supposed own,but one who can actually harm what you have going on
you can't hide from it,nor will/wish it away

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Really man...?

I do not want these meeting to be places of conspiracy worship. The meeting went great last night... and low and behold.. a conspiracy theorist showed up!!! He was kind enough to be cool about it.

The point is I will not tolerate disruptive language or behavior at our meetings. Period. Our meetings are not about 9/11 truth, chem-trails, boogiemen or black helicopters.

Our meetings are about reaching our goals and staying focused on WINNING.

Maybe I am not as eloquent as I should be.. or maybe my tipping point dealing with paranoid, irrational, self-defeating, delusional and disruptive behavior has passed.

Regardless, I am not attempting to demonize anybody. The path I wish to take is the one to victory. Dividing this group is unacceptable. Pulling an AJ, going ape sh*t, yelling and screaming about revolution, flouride or lizard people is unacceptable.

I welcome every rational person that wants to join our group. If anyone would like to be productive, help in the community, be respectful.. have some manners.. our arms are wide open to all!!

I just want to clear that up.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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sorry P

i knew i went over the top on that last comment,and for that i am sorry
i know what you meant,but others might not have
it is hard enough staying on topic,when there are many to choose from,and many beliefs on what's the most important issue,and that is without the extra voices adding more and more to an already full plate
i really do wish you the best in your endeavors,as that comes with an added bonus,we all might WIN !!!
and for that, i am grateful
been trying to shuffle a few things around here,priorities and all that jazz
to see if something can come your way
again am sorry for the over board comment,and wish and pray you succeed
we sure do need something good to happen,it is looking bleak

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

We are all guilty of being passionate about our beliefs!

Peace and love, my friend.

I absolutely believe our grassroots can change the world. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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is too bad we didn't meet at the SRLC. You would have seen me (a conspiracy theorist) engaging everyone from elderly couples, to media, to political operatives and adapting the message for each one of them. Funny thing is, I didn't have to scream "9/11 is an inside job" to anyone.

It's also too bad that I spent considerable time out of my day to try and get you to realize something, and it went right over your head. Instead you've become even more exclusionary and more closed minded.

Here are the facts, not theories. Ron, Rand, Wayne, Alex, myself and others are ALL conspiracy theorists. My brother in law, who is in Afghanistan as an officer with military intelligence, is a PROFESSIONAL conspiracy theorist. Detectives are conspiracy theorists. They are called investigators.
And while everyone is a little different in their approach, MOST of us are here because the govt. is CONSPIRING to take our rights our sovereignty, and the fruits of our labor.
So you tell me who is more insane? The ones who dare question the elephants in the room, or the ones who stick their fingers in their ears and stomp their feet and say I'm going to keep beating my bloody head against this GOP wall and expect different results after 6 years of getting blatantly ass raped?
You talk about standing for "liberty and Justice." Well, you can't have that without TRUTH. Seek truth, speak truth, expect truth, DEMAND truth. It all starts with being honest with yourself.

Good luck with your group.
(I didn't vote you down BTW)



While I entertain certain conspiracies and certainly doubt any official govt story, it has its place, and it is not at these meetings. While you may be reasonable, many people in my experience, are not.

That is exactly why I am resolute. I am playing to win.

Someone asked Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy's) why he didnt have any other flavors of Frosty. His reply, 'Because I am in the hamburger business.' This is the same philosophy I am applying to this project.

The goal is to win and that is our focus.

Conspiracy theories are extremely divisive to J.Q. Public and hardly serve as a platform to winning elections. That thread you post, was after Alex Jones went ape-sh*t on national television. The press had a field day with him. AJ's behavior is not what I want to represent and I do not want that behavior anywhere near me, my family or the group I want to inspire.

I understand you are upset. As I was when I wrote that thread. I stepped out of line and now the chickens are coming to roost. That being said, I believe the rest of my history here has been about activism, news, music.. some humor. I would hope that my contributions here outweigh one 'hot' thread.

We may not see eye to eye, but I respect the hell outta your commitment.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Focus on behavior not group association...

The problem here is one of mutual disrespect.

Lets not draw lines in the sand and lump people together, and lets be patient enough to allow a person to misspeak, vent, and get their frustrations off their chest without making some permanent declaration that they are "the enemy"

If you are a "conspiracy theorist" (as I suppose I am), please be tactful and open minded as you wish others to be.

If you aren't, try to remember that not everyone in the world who wears the same hat or has the same skin color, or watches the same podcast, thinks, breaths, and behaves the same way. Some of us behave ourselves and some of us don't.

'nough said?

I did not vote either one

I did not vote either one of you down.


Johnny Appleseed

aka PAF

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I live in Texas otherwise I'd

I live in Texas otherwise I'd come.

Southern Agrarian