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Welcome to America, Where the Poorest People Pay the Highest in Medical Bills

Whitney Sher in Science 16 hours ago

I'm a medical professional in the U.S. and want to share some data that should disturb every American.

When I go home to Belgium, the country where I was born, I pay my family doctor $12 for a regular visit. When I had a freak asthma attack while vacationing in Estonia, my entire emergency room bill was $9.72. Yet, when I was dehydrated in college in Washington, D.C. and got saline and Tylenol, my ER bill was $600 after insurance coverage. How does this make sense and why do Americans accept such insanely high medical bills?

According to the Commonwealth Fund, a private health care research organization, 55 million adults were uninsured and an additional 30 million were underinsured in 2012. That means that 85 million adults are paying way over their heads in medical bills.

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the american medical is a

the american medical is a sham. while living in Belize my daughter broke her arm. They have government health care which costs a shilling, or 25 cents donation, but I did not use that because I don't trust that so I took her to a private hospital and paid for x ray, cast, recheck and removal a total of $15. if a 3rd world country can xray and cast for 15 why does it cost 1000 here??? Because private insurance has legislated their way into your life through government lobbying and we all know..once the government gets involved..they screw it up

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