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LOL! Anyone else see this? Weather camera spider scares Kristi

This was just too funny to not post.


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One bump

for the evening crowd.

I still laugh at how bad she gets creeped out by it.

if she realized it was

if she realized it was outside, why did she scream a second time?


Skilled Professional

I'm very impressed: she seems to know which direction to flee, which, considering she saw it on a monitor across the room, is pretty good. When she's startled, again, she gets confused, but I suspect she had a view of multiple monitors and wasn't sure which one was "live."

Good greenscreen performance. Kudos.

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Kinda like terrorism.

People are so squeamish that they go though a groping ritual at the airport as a protection for acts terror.

We are governed by people's superstitions disregarding fact or proven principles.

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