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Hong Kong Double Crosses US: Edward Snowden, A Step Ahead Of The US Government, Eludes Arrest - VIDEO

By Richard A. Serrano and Sergei L. Loiko
June 23, 2013 | LA Times

MOSCOW — The hunt for Edward Snowden stretched around the globe Sunday as the 30-year-old leaker of U.S. classified material flew out of Hong Kong under cover of darkness, dropped into the protective embrace of Russia and made plans to hopscotch through Cuba and Venezuela to eventual asylum in Ecuador.

His stealthy movements, aided by the anti-secrecy WikiLeaks organization and its high-powered lawyers, played out like an international game of Where's Waldo. The American citizen — a traitor to some and a folk hero to others — kept a step ahead of his government, which has charged him with violating the Espionage Act and revoked his U.S. passport in an effort to bring him to ground.

In his rush to elude arrest, the onetime low-level computer analyst appeared to be showing up the most powerful national security apparatus in the world, just as his campaign to expose vast U.S. surveillance programs had embarrassed the Obama administration by contradicting the president's pledge to run a government with an "unprecedented level of openness."

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Snowden should play the

Snowden should play the corporate pro-establishment media more and stick his finger in their eye making references to things like, "Catch me if you can". Russia should make fun of our criminal government playing semantic games just like the democrats love to play so much. Russia could say it follows the rule of law in its extradition process and cannot give any time line status on extradition while it conducts a thorough investigation into the matter.

Double Crossed???

I read the US did not file the paperwork properly.
That's not a double cross - that is just being thorough.
What can HK do - they have to follow the rules don't they?
You would think the Federal Leviathan would understand that better than anybody. Fill out the proper form, use a black or blue pen and make sure to have it notarized.

That is just what Hong Kong is saying

A lot of people don't buy it, they just said that to give the US a big middle finger.

You just got PAULED!

seriously, double crossed?

seriously, double crossed? how bout hong kong just said, hey assholes, you've apparently been spying on us and attacking us in cyberspace for years. thanks to snowden we know that now. take your "rule of law" bullshit and go fuck yourselves!

Guys, "double-crossed" sounds

Guys, "double-crossed" sounds cooler. Let us have our fun, OK?

According To The Man in this video...

He believes HK "Double "Fu%ked" the US..

SteveMT's picture

Snowden plays chess while our government plays checkers.

The Keystone Cops are no match for Houdini.

Affirmative SteveMT

The government can't get out of their own way..

Way too many stupid people working for Obomber..

Booklet for Obama Dummies: Read the Constitution fools!!

Get with the program..Obama has screwed himself so bad he couldn't get a job shoveling poop..

The Video

Hey look, its Glenn Becks twin brother... ;)

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I think the globalist running

things here are finding out how many enemies they have made over the last few decades.


What if Edward Snowden is still in China or Hong Kong...Hummmm

I love it!!

The US government can't find their loose cannon...and this loose cannon is going to tell all..

Obama is going to be toast and Rep. Peter King and the rest of them.

I'm sure his four Laptops contain all kinds of goodies for us to hear..

lol, lol, lol, lol...