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Cop Breaking the "Law" vs. Cop Breaking the "Law" (VIDEO)

Baton Rouge police officer David Stewart was off duty and outside his jurisdiction, but he could not overlook the swerving white pickup going nearly twice the 45 mph speed limit on Juban Road, just outside of Denham Springs.

Stewart switched on his emergency lights and gave chase, planning to alert Livingston Parish authorities after investigating what appeared to be a case of road rage or drunken driving. What the officer did not know — before a testy roadside exchange — was that the erratic motorist was also an off-duty Baton Rouge police officer.

Continue Reading and Watch Video of the Confrontation: http://theadvocate.com/home/6284622-125/video-brpd-officers-...

Direct link to video: http://bcove.me/esc6zfoh


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If it were us lowly

If it were us lowly 'civilians' we would have been tazed the second we stepped out of the car without the officer 'telling' us to.

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"So why didn't you tell me you were a cop when I stopped you?"

As if it should make an effing difference?

Google is government.

good post

good post

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This reminded me of the humor post recently, where agents were watching several suspects but they all turned out to be agents.

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Yea, some guys see some guns

Yea, some guys see some guns and think a stick up is happening and cops eagerly go rushing in. The other guys think someone is trying to shoot them and take up position. A gun fight ensues and finally they say, stop, police! The other guys say, stop, US army!
Or so goes a joke like this.

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I dont think you can beat

I dont think you can beat this one...


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