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Corbett Report: Interview 687 – Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing


In this remarkable conversation, Sibel Edmonds reflects on Russ Tice’s recent revelations to Boiling Frogs Post and The Corbett Report that the NSA has wiretapped top government officials for years. Edmonds discusses from her own experience how the FBI collects dirt on Congressman and public officials for use as political leverage. We also talk about how this scandal proves that there is no “official channel” for whistleblowers to follow when they want to expose wrondoing because the system is being controlled from behind the scenes by the criminals in the national security establishment.

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these two deserve our

these two deserve our support!

Justice Roberts must have be covered in dirt to become a Supreme

Mostly scum infects the Congress. Men who would sell their soul to protect their reputations.

Free includes debt-free!


Excellent post TQ!

Excellent listening!


I listened to both of the interviews

The information discussed in the interviews should be the top story of every news outlet. The silence is deafening. Simlar to the sounds of silence we hear regarding Karen Hudes' information about the World back and massive global corruption of central banks throughout the world.

Its easy to tell that all of the MSM outlets are controlled and compromised. More and more the MSM is being forced to cover things thatin the past they would never dream of. The independent media is breaking so many incredible storys and their only agenda is TRUTH. The corporate media is looking more guilty with each story they avoid.

I hope the leaks keep coming and the pressure on the criminals who have taken control of the power centers around the world becomes so great that they start stabbing each other in the back and killing each other.

Everyone keep fighting...we can win this war!


Thanks for the post!

What would the Founders do?

This is an excellent interview!

Also, Corbett interviewed Tice as well. Both are very good.