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MSNBC Chris Hayes | Greenwald Interview

Chris Hayes is 'worried' we might LOOK bad.


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I like Glenn Greenwald and

I like Glenn Greenwald and all he's doing, but I tire so much of hearing him refer to our "democracy". We are supposed to be a republic, not mob rule.

Greenwald isn't an all-out

Greenwald isn't an all-out libertarian and never claimed to be, so I don't think he shares that idea of a republic that people like us believe in. He is, however, a brilliant and intellectually consistent/honest liberal and civil liberties advocate who we can work with a great deal. I see allying with Greenwald like allying with Kucinich on issues like war. Dr Paul always talks about making coalitions in areas where possible, even if you don't necessarily share an overall philosophy.

All that said, I don't think it's a bad idea to footnote your general support for Greenwald with some points of philosophical disagreement or to flesh out those disagreements in a forum like this. But, I don't feel it is worth it to let those disagreements prevent you from supporting Greenwald on issues where there is agreement and possibility for tangible positive change.

Chris Hayes gives him a fair shot and doesn't cut him off

One of the more sympathetic interviews with Greenwald that I have seen.

Chris Hayes part of the propaganda wash?

Chris Hayes is directing our focus away from WHAT Snowden exposed.

And for those who say "I have nothing to hide." they forget that someone else is deciding what should be hidden!

Your Welcome!

Thanks for the e-mail

Greenwald has been on fire!

Greenwald has been on fire!


Hey guys. Let's upload Mox News as much as possible. Media ite makes me sick alot of the time.

Moxy has the most solid video titles too.

Russia Is Becoming More Like The US Use To Be..

The US is becoming more like the Soviet Union use to be during Lenin and Stalin's reign of terror..

Sorry to have to say that...But, look at who we elect. All the dumbing down of the educational system, the crap of TV and the disgusting bought and paid for controlled media...

Term Seven and counting...

..of the Bushbamaton Administration.

Americans have a superstitious (even visceral) aversion to blood dynasties, and to prove it will elect the son or wife of a President just to show that they don't care one way OR the other. What is essential in the post-Reagan era, however, is that an anointed candidate not deviate from the Hoosevelt-Eisencarter Doctrine.

An advantage to a Jeb/Hillary race in '16 is that we won't need to change the name of the present regime.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Well *'ing Put

*=F for polite company. ^5

I am more impressed with Greenwald...

I am more impressed with Glenn Greenwald with each interview that I watch. I haven't seen him falter even once. He is a tremendous spokesman for the cause of liberty!

The US mainstream media is

The US mainstream media is the #1 enemy of the American people.

worth the watch

Keep pounding the REAL story here...not the soap opera