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The Great Unwind Has Finally Arrived

"This upcoming week could be a doozy. So many potential train wrecks from so many different directions to keep your eyes on all of them. Just remember that “credit” is what runs everything and it looks like “credit” is now at the center stage of problems. Should rates continue to rise this week in U.S. Treasuries you should expect to see some very major firms run into trouble. This time around it will be real as there are no solvent white knights left with the ability to leverage up and save the day. The U.S. Treasury and Fed are now in the crosshairs, they need to catch a bid this week or they will be at the center of the biggest one time margin call ever!"


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You will get no clearer notification.

It's no longer 'If';

It's now no longer 'When';

It's just 'How Fast ?'

S P O T O N !

It will be the most specular

It will be the most specular economic collapse in the history of the planet.

You're right of course and I know that doesn't make you...


Bernanke stunned a lot of people including me with his decision to stop loosening the spigot of easy money and instead leave it alone for a bit to see which way it spun on its own. From a libertarian/free market perspective he did the 'right' thing but from a 'I want to live another day in something other than a post-apocalyptic hellhole' perspective what he did (or rather didn't do?) it's sort of uncomforting.

Point being - an inflationary death spiral would have been better than a hyper-deflationary death spiral but hey there's a legacy to think about...

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-Allen Ginsberg

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Excellent article...

worth the read!

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