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Ron Paul supporter "Drinking with Bob" announces candidacy for mayor of New York City

here is the announcement video posted on his youtube account just a few hours ago



Check out Bob talking about Ron Paul in some past videos... I have to say he speaks in a very inspiring manner :D


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The Great Debate Bob n Mark

ChunkyMark is London's version of Drinking w Bob. If only they were both mayors. http://youtu.be/vfPqu77v2o4

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Been a fan of Drinking With

Been a fan of Drinking With Bob for years. This is good news to hear! Always hoped this guy would run for some kind of office. Now let's all support him and root for him to get in the debates when the time comes! Bob Thompson for Mayer of NYC!

If anyone is looking for some

late nite entertainment watch those 4 videos I posted in the OP, I guarantee you will get a 'thrill up your leg' as Chris Matthews would say ;-)

Go Bob!

Have fun man, and good luck!

Free includes debt-free!

Go, brother, GO!

I like your energy!

What would the Founders do?