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Webster Tarpley on Snowden

Although I don't agree with Tarpley's solutions because he's such a Big Government FDR loving Leftie, I still generally respect his analysis of situations. As much as I hate to admit it, he was right about Ron Paul during the 2012 election, at least slightly.

Here's his analysis on Snowden---and it isn't pretty. Any thoughts?


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So Tarpley's theory is that

So Tarpley's theory is that this is all designed to distract us from the Syria intervention, which is just a stepping stone to an Iran intervention.

Well, it seems to me that if they were clever enough to pull off such a distraction they'd at least design one that would have us thinking LESS suspiciously about govt activities, rather than MORE suspiciously, which is the case with the Snowden revelations.

Were we LESS suspicious we'd be more likely to give 'em a pass on their Syria/Iran interventions, but now Americans are on full alert.

Or maybe it's a 3 dimensional chess move that only Tarpley can understand since he already knew all of this before it was revealed.

I keep my mind open to every possibility, but this particular theory doesn't seem all that likely.

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Interesting read

Not sure of it, but always keep an open mind.

All we need to know is that

All we need to know is that both parties are up in arms over this story and that's proof enough that they feel threatened enough to react so aggressively. Snowden is no double or triple agent. This Tarpley fellow is a waste of my time.

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carpley is one man with one opinion and a thin one, at that.

You don't think a person can change, farpley?

From 2001-December, 2007 I was a faux news junkie. obully could do no wrong. I watched him twice a night!

Then, I woke up.

You can spin this story all you like, barfley. ES has stirred the hornet's nest, he has kicked the sleeping bear, he has woken the Patriotism in America and it won't soon slip to slumber again.

This straw was VERY heavy for the camel to carry (along with his load) and no matter how you try to down play it, warpley, America is rising!

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