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Nationwide Tax Free Tips Act Canvass

Fellow Ron Paul activists: As part of the Nationwide Meetup agenda, I would like to suggest the following mission as a tremendous opportunity. We have all seen this idea as being one of the most important opportunities to fall in our laps. Now we will go national!

bill text @ http://www.thomas.gov/

H. R. 3664 - "Tax Free Tips Act of 2007"

You can get your own copy of the flyer at our Meetup here (and modify it to your liking): http://ronpaul.meetup.com/219/files/

When? Sunday October 14th, 2007.

Here is what a member of my group in Bakersfield CA suggested and we followed suit with scheduling it:

Well, I did a test today and gave out the TaxFreeTipsAct flier (see the files section) to all the restaurants and pizza joints in and near the Northwest Promenade...

It was an overwhelming success! I went to around 10 different places and only one (Mauricio's) did not accept the flier. Everyone else was very receptive and generally excited at having the opportunity to keep all their tips tax-free.

Therefore, I propose to distribute the flier to EVERY restaurant, pizza place, bar, and other places with tipping in town. Think of the impact this could have with minimal effort. I spent no more than 30 seconds at any one place and covered them all within 30 minutes or so. This was my basic approach:

"Hello, I'm just dropping in to inform you that there is legislation being proposed in Congress that would make tips tax-free. Since service-sector employees rely heavily on the tips they receive and would likely support this act, I hope that you can post this somewhere in your break room or kitchen for them to read."

That's all it takes. Sometimes they'll ask a few questions and that provides a good opportunity to bring up Ron Paul and his Presidential bid. I find it appropriate to leave him out of the initial push because it makes the flier seem more relevant and less politically motivated.

So, who would be willing to help me distribute this flier across town? This is a tremendous task, but with some good organization and planning it is certainly doable, and I believe that at this point it would be the most effective tactic in creating support for Ron Paul.

Post a comment here if you will be scheduling this meetup! Let us know what you think. And, let us know your results if you test it out, or have! Keep it on top, and it will happen, it will go national, it will get passed! Ron Paul will be our Prez! Good luck, and God speed!

Here is our Meetup 219 activity

Sunday, October 14, 2007, 6:00 PM 20071015T010000Z
Barnes and Noble
4001 California Ave
Bakersfield , CA 93309

* Info/Map


MyKill has inspired us to participate in the Nationwide Tax Free Tips Act Canvass. We have endless restaurants and other service industry businesses to spread the message with!

We will meet, form groups, and knock out as many streets of service industry businesses in the town. The focus will be restaurants, but other tipping careers such as taxi drivers and strippers even would love to find out about this great opportunity to reduce government transfer of wealth for themselves.

Well, it is simple. Lets meet and take charge of certain locations. The instructions are simple. Introduce the act, ask them to post it, and any other questions that arise, answer them. All we have to do is tell them about the Tax Free Tips Act and the Ron Paul rEVOLutionaries will follow.

If this time period does not work for you, please make recommendations.

Reminder, every two weeks, the 50,000+ meetup activists for Dr. Paul will be meeting and carrying out multiple missions. We will meet every two weeks. Attendance is mandatory at as many events as possible!

Read MyKill's posts to get more ideas and scripts.

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80-90% of our economy is

80-90% of our economy is service sector nowdays.

walter whitt

Very true!

I'm amazed by how many people live off of tips. There are millions. And... they are struggling, most of them. It is wrong to take their money and corral them to get food stamps and government medical care. That ties them down. How about rather than take their money and redistribute it like a bully who leaves you one chip, let them eat their own chips! Let them keep their own money.

Maybe they will be happier to know that they will get to keep more of it. Maybe they will be happier and healthier people. Maybe they will be able to spend it more than on just food.

I just talked with a great grandmother who is pretty young, by comparison to others grandmas. But, she said that she never had to pay taxes on her tips when she was a waitress. It started during a wartime period that taxes started being implemented on the lowest income individuals. It was an interesting individual historical perspective. The relevance is significant for today!

Out already TFT

My wife and I have already been out this morning distributing some TFT flyers. We just walk in with a smile and ask the cashier if she would mind passing this info on to the wait staff or possibly post it in the break area.

They read a little bit of and say WHAT!! Is this for real??? Most want to hear more on RP, but I tell them I need to go and please just check out the websites for better info than I can give. I just plant the Ron Paul seeds and watch them grow.

We are home printing up more flyers to head out again this afternoon. We are going to hit a few of the franchised watering holes (Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster, Fox & Hound, Outback, etc..) and leave the info with the bartenders (good excuse to have a brewski too!). You know how those bartenders love to talk and they come in contact with hundreds of people!

Go get 'em Patriots!


Contined Efforts Alive

Activists: We are distributing across the nation every day. Keep it up. Get it out there to your locals.

You and others should be able to do this for months now getting the word out in your area. I have a 800,000 minds to free in my local!

Just curious

Is is legal disturb business for 30 seconds or so to just pop in say TFT give flyer and walk out? Just curious it seems disruptive to me.


How does handing a flier to someone disrupt their business? Very funny. Maybe even just talking to them disrupts their business too. No really, I'm sure wait staff go all day without talking about anything but food or drinks, because, ya know, anything else would be disruptive.

(When I waited tables, I would have been LIVID if someone actually tried to talk with me about how someone wants me to keep all of my tips. How dare they! My tips belong to the government, and my time belongs to me!)

Naturally, when people are truly busy, interrupting them or forcing them to pay attention is counter-productive. I'm sure anyone who wants to relate to service people and have them listen understands how to be polite, respectful of others' time, and how to keep from interfering in their work.

Sheesh. Has the very notion of freedom of speech disappeared in this country, that you even suggest this?

Just curious?

Is it too cold outside to canvass, or perhaps too hot. Is it raining, or snowing? Perhaps we should wait until it is the perfect day; what if I catch a cold? Would I want to disrupt the business just to save the country?


Very Funny

You should know better than to be comparing the weather to the temperaments of busy people at a restaurant.

Spread the Word to other Meetups: Go National w/ Tax Free Tips A


MyKill's idea of the Tax Free Tips Act is so good, that I started suggesting it to all of the Meetup groups across the nation! You can only join 20 meetup groups per day though.... just op not to receive the mailings. In the future, you will be able to post other great ideas...

So, here is my suggestion.

Go here: http://ronpaul.meetup... Where you will see ALL of the Ron Paul meetups. I was only able to join until Houston (17). So, follow up from there.

Click on each group, join, and leave a message. Copy and paste title and text from this message Then commit it and go to the next meetup until you have reached your 20 limit!

Then, post the order of meetups that you contacted for us. This will be one of the most effective national campaigns. We can make it happen!!! Thank you Michael. It takes a minute or so for each group. So, can you spare 20 minutes for one of the most effective marketing campaigns in political history???

# Houston 4 RON PAUL 2008 Meetup (Houston, TXus; 296 members) 29.72-95.32
# The Irvine Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Irvine, CAus; 288 members) 33.65-117.84
# Dallas Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Dallas, TXus; 283 members) 32.79-96.8
# The Los Angeles Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Los Angeles, CAus; 283 members) 34.06-118.24
# The Denver Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Denver, COus; 264 members) 39.76-104.91
# Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy'-pendence (Indianapolis, INus; 263 members) 39.9-86.23
# Pittsburgh and Western PA Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Pittsburgh, PAus; 261 members) 40.45-79.98
# The Orlando Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Orlando, FLus; 256 members) 28.49-81.32
# The Bay Area Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Los Altos, CAus; 249 members) 37.37-122.14
# The Triangle Ron Paul 2008 Meetup (Cary, NCus; 242 members) 35.76-78.78
# Portland Ron Paul Group - Standing Up for Freedom (Portland, ORus; 235 members) 45.52-122.64
# The Cincinnati Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Cincinnati, OHus; 234 members) 39.11-84.5
# Sacramento supporters for Ron Paul 2008 (Sacramento, CAus; 232 members) 38.57-121.47
# The Arlington/Alexandria Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Arlington, VAus; 232 members) 38.88-77.12
# The Clearwater Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Clearwater, FLus; 214 members) 28.03-82.72
# The Greater Saint Louis Area Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Saint Louis, MOus; 209 members) 38.66-90.32
# The Jacksonville Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Jacksonville, FLus; 204 members) 30.19-81.49
# The Atlanta Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Atlanta, GAus; 198 members) 33.76-84.43
# Plano Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Plano, TXus; 188 members) 33.08-96.8
# The NYC Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group (Astoria, NYus; 187 members) 40.77-73.92
# The Wash D C Jan 20, 2009 Inaugural Ron Paul Meetup (Washington, DCus; 187 members)

Use our numbers

The Bulletin (http://www.thebulletin.us/site/news...) ran a piece today regarding Dr. Paul's "Tax Free Tips Act." The story was rather interesting and well written. However, I did notice one thing that caught my eye. The paper tried to contact the "Service Employees International Union" and "UNITE HERE!" for comment. Both were unavailable. These two unions represent millions of service industry employees, and have the power to reach those individuals and spread the news about this bill. As supporters, especially those of us who are Union members, need to contact both entities and make them aware of the "Tax Free Tips Act" I have liked their contact info below.

Service Employees International Union:

Press Contact
Amanda Cooper


- kipload

Follow up on these links!!

Awesome ideas.... Keep them rolling!


I'm glad to see this picking up steam. I posted a few image files and a pdf for this mini-campaign here in NYC. The files can be found here:
I used a "Guest Check" idea I came up with the other night and it can be printed on Avery 4x6 labels. Of course you can modify or substitute the reverse image/info side to suit your area. Hope it inspires...


I will use this! and others...

Tax flyers

You guys rock! I've been struggling to come up with just such a flyer--you all have done much better!

We're are having a meetup this evening; I'll be sure to take a copy with me and upload to our meetup files.

I especially want to thank you for the tips on how to approach this. Very, very helpful.

Hope you don't mind, freedomlover, but I'd like to copy your whole post and post it to our meetup. It would definitely help everyone.

"The politicians don't just want your money. They want your soul. They want you to be worn down by taxes until you are dependent and helpless. When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both." James Dale Davidson

Excellent! Been doing this in G.J., Colorado

Hello All,

I have been hitting up the local eateries and watering holes and every one I have given the flier to have been excited. Here's the one I have been using.


Who is on board so far?

Who is on board so far?

Keep on top


I'm so glad I signed up on

I'm so glad I signed up on this forum. Thanks for posting that flier. I added it to the files list on my meetup group and I'll be doing this kind of activism myself. I've been a tipped employee a good portion of my working life and yes, they tax food servers on a percentage of their sales, not their real earned tips.

Nice job.


Sure! Spread the message on Meetup.com; Join them!

NO problem! :)

I am about to repost the flier to include House Resoultion 3664 Text.

Remember to keep this on top.

I have a suggestion to everyone. Join as many meetups as possible (20 is the max for one day) and leave this above message on the board for them to find out about it!

You can do so here: http://ronpaul.meetup.com/about/

So far, I have placed the message on one through 17. Help me out! Then, post which ones you messaged so as to not duplicate efforts.

3+ Posts, all with positive reports.

At least three of us have tried this tax free tips canvassing, and have all reported a reception of great interest. More cities need to get this happening.
When I did it I also delivered a slim jim stating that it was Ron Paul who was behind this. This did not distract from the message of tax free tips, and accomplished my goal of promoting Dr. Paul.


TFT flyers

My wife and I went out to eat tonight and left two of the Tax Free Tips flyers on the table and went up to pay and handed the cashier one. They went nuts!

Who is this guy?? Where did you get these??? Is this for real??? On and on and on....They were tripping out!

I plan on using these as a BIG TOOL for spreading the message! I promised the ladies at the restaurant I'd bring them back some slim jim flyers and info on RP this wknd. They promised they would Google Ron Paul for me.

This would be most excellent to take to ALL of the bars in your towns and giving this info to the bartenders too! We get the bartenders and waitresses spreading the word and that is a BUNCH of Paulies out there spreading the message!

bill text @

bill text @ http://www.thomas.gov/

H. R. 3664 - "Tax Free Tips Act of 2007"

should the bill # be added to Flyer ?


"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Keep it on top, please

Keep it on top for a bit, please

Tax Free Tips is good segue for common person

I've had the hardest time convicing my family of Ron Paul. My siblings are morose GenXers who don't think that Ron Paul is qualified because Congressmen and legislators are historically not executors and because Ron Paul is anti-gun control.

I showed my sister who owns a business in the service sector the Tax-Free Tips proposal, and she was onboard immediately. Taxing tips is such a headache for her.

Tax-free tips is a good way that Ron Paul's message of freedom and anti-tax hits right home. Gold-standard... North American Union... their eyes usually glaze over.

The Revolution is really growing now.

This is great.Ron Paul is The Man!
I printed out a few of these and took them to a few places--a little akward at first-but was well recieved.
Did a sign waving today and noticed quite a few honking horns.
A few negatives but that's life--lots of slim jims went out today.
We should be seeing a boost in supporters from positive press and effective Revolutionaries all over the Country.
Keep up the good work people it is We the People who are taking this Country Back.
Our Constitution is the Law of the Land and keeps government from becoming Tyranny!
We shall restore the Republic and our Constitution with a Ron Paul Presidency! I am Proud to be a Ron Paul Supporter!

Opresso De Liber
Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Conscious of Our Creator and Source of our Liberties.