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NeverWet, a Technology That Keeps Stuff Dry!


Woah! I just stumbled across this video! I had to share with you guys! My mind is racing with endless possible uses for this stuff.

You Can Finally Buy the Magical Spray That Waterproofs Everything

We first heard about Rust-Oleum's liquid-repelling product, NeverWet almost two years ago. It looked absolutely magical, and now you can finally buy it.

Home Depot is carrying NeverWet for $20 a can. Spray the silicon-based coating on electronics, clothing, or almost any surface and it'll become almost completely impervious to moisture. Of course, we're skeptical until we try it out ourselves. But in the convincing demo you see liquid hit a surface and immediately scurry away without leaving any damage.

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Here's another article:

Magical NeverWet arrives in stores

The interest is the result of Rust-Oleum NeverWet's remarkable performance. Here's how it works.

When water hits the coating's superhydrophobic barrier, it forms a nearly circular bead that either causes the liquid to shoot off the surface or never cling there in the first place.

Among other things, it can be used on metal, wood, masonry and aluminum as well as fabric, leather and canvas.

But the possible uses for Rust-Oleum NeverWet seem limited only by the imagination of the customer.

For instance, NeverWet officials showed a reporter this past week how it can be sprayed on the inside of a cardboard case of beer to make an impromptu ice chest.

The wow factor of NeverWet's product has never been the problem.

But until the agreement was reached with Rust-Oleum, the know-how to make NeverWet on a large scale and get it to a lot of consumers had been a sticking point.

"It is a huge deal," Daniel Hobson, NeverWet's chief executive officer, said of the licensing agreement.

Hobson said Rust-Oleum's marketing reach and manufacturing potential allows NeverWet to focus on developing and refining products without getting lost in the issues related to manufacturing and selling them.

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they must have used this on

they must have used this on my wife.

boom tss.

no but im not married.

I wonder

I wonder also how toxic it is, if it wears off, or if there is a way to deactivate it.


there is some more info here: http://blogs.howstuffworks.com/2010/05/05/invention-the-amaz...

It's supposedly non-toxic and oils(like from your skin) can destroy the coating.

amazing...but I wonder how toxic it is

It seems like an amazing product, but I've minimized almost all of my household cleaning to natural baking soda and vinegar to avoid toxic chemicals, both for my health and the planet's. So I just wonder what the hell this stuff is made out of, how dangerous it is, and also how much waste does it create in the process.

We must be ever vigilant to keep out bodies and our planet beautiful when choosing convenient products for life.

But, again, super cool product!

~ Peace Love Revolution ~

I will be getting a can for sure

Really a cool product. Looking forward to trying it.


Not sure all the applications yet but this feels like a game changer.

I can't be the only one...

I can't be the only one who sees the massive potential for this product??!!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!