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Jeremy Piven’s Libertarian Rant on Lost Freedoms

I chose to watch "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" last night, which I had never seen, but chose based on my trust in Jeremy Piven and his characters, like Piven's Ari Gold character in the HBO series "Entourage".

Imagine my feelings of rejoice when not 10 minutes into the film, a Libertarian rant occurred, given by none other than Jeremy Piven, and with the passion and fire you expect.

Despite it being acting, I think Piven's Libertarian speech sums up the state of American government and American frustration pretty well , especially considering the surveillance state/police state scandals that have occured and are developing...

For some odd reason the trailer leaves out pivotal sections of the speech that were in the actual movie, most likely for time constraints. Luckily, included is the trailer with a portion of the Libertarian rant and below it is the text of Piven's Libertarian Rant in "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard". which I recommend you watch for full enjoyment.


FULL ARTICLE: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/06/25/jeremy-pivens-liber...

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Piven has been an

Piven has been an unapologetic Obama pusher for years and has no problem with a Democratic agenda at the expense of liberty and the Constitution (just like Republican hard liners). Believe me, any impression one may get that he's a Libertarian is wrong. He's acting.