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Russian FM: 'Never Crossed Our border, US Threats Unacceptable'

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Right now there are hundreds of thousands of tons of goods...

that are not anywhere on the planet.

They are 'in transit.'

Just ask your local truck driver 'trucker' and the will tell you with a straight face:

"That's neither here nor there. It's in transit."


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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I am now convinced this is a limited hangout operation

It's just a show. For what? Only time will tell.

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"For what?"

I wasn't familiar with the term "limited hangout" until I read this article. It's an interesting take on things..

"In time of war, when truth is so precious, it must be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Churchill

What makes you think that?

I'm curious---what makes you think that?


China and Russia have had it with America. This whole thing I believe is nothing but a distraction from Americas focus in Syria. Never forget Obama's Target is Iran. Get ready because the next World War will get Very Ugly, Very Fast.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

This is Hilarious

It's becoming glaringly obvious just how ridiculous the American EMPIRE is. The rest of the world is giving it the finger. LOL

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So we have p'd off China and Russia

But the question of the day remains, "where's Waldo"? LOL

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Anyone else think it's hilarious

that the USA with its huge spy grid can't seem to locate this one guy?

If they do know, they're not telling the politicians like Kerry who are making fools out of themselves for everyone to see.

It's funny in a way, but I'm

It's funny in a way, but I'm on high alert for a drastic move by DC. They have to feel threatened by the turn of events, and especially by the US public backlash, which is significant enough that it can't be ignored.

My guess is that it's all hands on deck, and that if they have the chance they'll weigh the cost of taking Snowden out. Unless public perception changes though, I don't think they'd dare do it.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

They may have already,

and that's why they are pretending to follow him. As in, he never went through Russia because he never made it to Russia. I hope Snowden just took off and is hiding somewhere disconnected from any government.


I think we're being snowed.. snowden just another boot to get Americans to quit the republic.

what does that mean?

are you saying he is a plant?

Just my tin foil cap beeping

I don't think this is some accident.. I think it's manufactored. I think the Democrats don't want another election.. I think they want to destroy the republic and give us a UNWO and this is one great way to do it..

Now we are reading about how Democrats and progressives are falling out with Obama.. who is not doing damnage control.. but rather.. "messing" things up even more.. so why?

Many people claim Obama was not born in the USA.. he's wrapping up his term.. Democrats have no one to run.. Hillary? Come on.

When we look at the bi picture THE USA IS SPYING ON EVERYONE.. why is it they don't know where Snowden is?

Something is fishy, and I'm feeling my way.. I don't have any more facts than anyone here.. It's just not adding up to me. And note.. I have not been posting about this.. I've been reading because something seemed wrong to me from the beginning.. it's just as it's evolving.. if the ptb want a nwo.. snowden is perfect.. how did they get SO lucky?

I would agree with you, except that . . .

sadly, and it hurts to say it, the "Republic" is dead--

the NWO is here--

and the only good that can be done is when an individual stands up for what he/she believes is right.

Snowden exposed the NSA. If he was a plant, then there is nothing more that can be done--

if he wasn't a plant, he did the right thing.

I'm suspicious of everything and everyone, too--

but, if he is a puppet--

then we're even more 'gone' than I thought--

Nothing anyone can do will matter--

except on an individual basis, praying for the protection of God--

Unlike many even here on DP I think America gave up "her" right to be the finest nation in the world long ago--

and I don't automatically believe that other nations are evil, just because they are not America. If the PTB are playing China and Russia and Snowden, etc.--

then the playing that is being done in America is even worse--

I look around where I live right now; there is a gigantic depression among my neighbors, the people I know--

There are some Godly people left, people who love Jesus Christ, but many people are just hunkering down--

and even more people are fighting petty little battles in their lives and not being Christians, even when they profess to be.

I just tell myself that God is watching it all, and He will step in when it's time--

I believe St. Peter (in Acts) when he said "God is no respecter of persons"--

I don't believe that a person is automatically more entitled to the blessings of God because he/she is born on American 'soil'--

nor do I believe that God has forgotten the other nations of the world--

I think that individual honor is what matters at this point--

individual integrity--

the collective is . . . gone.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

It just doesn't make sense to me

How was snowden able to expose the NSA? How did he do that? We had banners and sign waves and ruled the net for Ron Paul and it's amazing to me that Snowden is a RP supporters, but he could do NOTHING for RP.. but wow.. somehow he got the news out about the NSA, which is so big ion spying gloablly, they don't know where he is?

I think we should be emulating Israel, not rebuking her.

How was Manning able?

"How was Snowden able to expose the NSA?" you ask. I might ask you: how was Bradley Manning able?


Manning was in the military

He went outside the military.

So how was snowjob able to "espose" NSA (since I've been on DP the censorship of the net was OBVIOUS)?