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Snowden the whistle blower, or traitor? The real elephant in the room

What exactly has Snowden done by blowing the whistle and exposing this massive surveillance program?

He did what Russ Tice was unable to do back in 2006, which is the real elephant in the room.

He has awoken the sleeping masses, but they still haven't figured out why the power in place is scared shitless. This is not really about the fact that now we all know we are being watched and recorded. Its the bigger implication.

This program is McCarthyism on steroids, SSRI's and anti psychotics.

This is about the potential blackmail of our congressman, our president, our justices on the supreme court, our Governors, and every head of any Federal or State program.

Now all it would take is one top official to come clean, to relieve his conscience and tell us how they came to power, and the threats that were used in exchange to get them there.

Now you know why despite all the evidence exposing Obama for the fraud he is has never seen the light of day.

Who ever these people are they have dirt on every single official that holds office. They don't give a shit what you and granny are discussing on the phone.

This has the power to expose the real power players, the shadow government that is on the verge of implementing the master plan.

They are putting these people in positions of power because they can control them and that includes Obama.

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What emplowerd snowjob to blow a whistle the world heard? How the hell did he do that?

True. Others have brought

True. Others have brought this important point up, including Snowden who stated that he could access the communications of Federal judges. However, not enough attention has been spotlighted on the ramifications of this. It does need to be discussed in the media more widely and the people need to understand how that impacts reality.

The Blackmail aspect

of it all was the first thing I thought of when the story broke. That alone should have Congress and the courts on a total rampage against the NSA.

The problem is

that the congress and the courts are most likely the ones being blackmailed.

It's a loose loose situation for them. It may even cost them their lives.

Russell Tice exposed the big picture, maybe Snowden actually has some evidence of this and is waiting for the right moment. Lets just hope he doesn't wait to long. Glen Greenwald better watch himself as well.