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Need info on best practice for collecting signatures: experiences?

I am planning on this weekend to traverse my neighborhood asking for petition signatures to get Dwayne Stovall (http://www.texansforstovall.com/)on the ballot for US Senate in Texas. He has already sent me the petition forms and I have read the State laws about what all is needed when people sign.

I have never done something like this before and was looking for input or personal experiences in doing signature drives and the like. Is it best to walk neighborhoods or stand in public places with a table? Thoughts?

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Get a voter list and walk neighborhoods

Tables are useless time wasters.

I found this a great way to get petitions signed

Leave a petition with business owners.
I went to the local restaurant, gas station and even garden center, explained what my petition was about and asked if I could leave it near the cashier's counter. I bought a few clip folders (the kind that open like a book) and left a sheet on one side explaining what the petition was for and on the other side was the petition for signatures. I left several explanatory sheets in case people wanted to take one home to show others. Don't forget to drill a hole through a pen, put a string through the hole, then secure the string to the folder - there's no point leaving a petition without a pen and you don't want potential signatories to walk away because there was no pen or to annoy the business owner by having their employees interupted by requests for pens.
Good Luck!

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Here you go...

I have done this for years

First, even if you're a hippy.. make sure you have a bath, brush your teeth and hair.. the better you look, the more signatures you will ATTRACT.

GET PERMISSION.. no matter where you go, ASK PERMISSION.. just because you have permission doesn't mean the same owner, manager, who gave you permission won't tell you to leave (after some political opponate complains) but they won't call the police.. if that happens, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, BE RESPECTFUL.. don't argue.

Get or make a dozen legal sized stiff cardboards, use sturdy rubber bands to attach a couple of the petitions and attach a good black ink pen on a string.. when someone is signing a petition, people will LOOK.. take advantage of that moment to pass those people LOOKING a petition.

Do not waste time arguing politics.. it is better to have someone standing there holding your petition so you get LOOKERS than to tell them and argue politics.. the more quiet you are, the more POSITIVE attention you will attract.

Leave the cell phone in the car.. do not listen to music.. if you are going door to door at neighbors, call them first.. if they are your neighbors.. simply say, "Hi this is "your name", and I wonder if you have a second to sign a petition that I think you might be interested in?" Do not get into LONG political conversations (it kills it.. I don't know why, but the more you talk the worse it gets).

Farmer's markets, grocery stores on the exit, side WalMart are great places to collect signatures.. you may have to sign a release for their insurance.. or set a date,, but I used to get thousands of signatures within days.

Let your distribution of the petitions be your ACT.. the more people you can get signing at one time, the more you will attract.


Wow Awesome! thanks Granger.

Wow Awesome!
thanks Granger.

Southern Agrarian

Thanks for the tips