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Earthquake in Atlantic poses no threat to Hawaii?

How is this news? Even in Hawaii? (for those that don't know - Hawaii is in the Pacific (or was the last time I checked)).


6.4 Mid-Atlantic Ridge Earthquake, No Tsunami Threat to Hawaiʻi

Golly! Really!! And it took how much education to figure that out?

Is this a joke or what? That would be like saying a warehouse fire in New York poses no threat to Los Angles!!

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Isn't is possible for a tsunami wave to ricochet around the planet? hitting one land mass then rebounding off in another direction?

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To make its way from the Atlantic via richochets to

Hawaii it would probably have to be 5 miles tall at its origin point to be an inch high by the time it got to Hawaii.

Look at a world map. I'd like to see that go through the Panama Canal.

The Atlantic is almost landlocked and then ice locked where there isn't land.

I know Florida would definitely suck that day though. Then again, might be a two for price of one when you start your vacation in Boca Raton and finish it in Cancun.


true true ;)

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Sometimes a man just wants

to become another species.

Maybe devolve, to a much smarter Capuchin monkey or something.

Only Flash Gordon can save us

Only Flash Gordon can save us now...

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