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Recall Of Second Colorado Anti-Gun Democrat Legislator Validated

This afternoon, Scott Gessler and the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office deemed the petition to recall the Democrat state Senator from Pueblo, Angela Giron, sufficient.

According to official numbers, 13,466 signatures to recall Giron were submitted to the Secretary of State on June 10 and only 818 of those signatures were rejected as invalid. This brought the total number of accepted signature entries to 12,648, over one thousand more than the 11,285 needed for the recall to move forward.

The impending special election for the recall of Giron comes at the heels of the recall against Colorado Senate President John Morse, also a Democrat, validated by the Secretary of State’s office just last week.

Sen. Giron and Sen. MorseGiron, similar to Morse, faces the mounting challenge due to her advocacy for hard line gun control measures in the last session of the Colorado General Assembly.


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WOW!!! Another good pro-liberty story

Thanks for posting Kathleen

Great news!

Why wait til 2014....Lets get these tyrants out at every level.

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