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I've Been Playing A Lot of Chess Lately


"I thank God for the tests that bring me closer to his Kingdom, and for the freedom to take my time learning from them."

So, that article really isn't about Chess that much, as it was an update to my personal website.

However, I would like to talk about Chess in this post.

I was talking to my roommate and we decided we needed a chess board. I found one for $8 at a local thrift store and we sat down with a bottle of whiskey and played for a few hours. Until then I hadn't had much training in chess, but had been given a few brief lessons from ranked players (1. Control the Center, 2. Make every move with intention).

After playing that initial series of games I decided that I wanted to learn more. I wanted to learn all the strategies I'd heard about (like "The Dragon"). So I went onto YouTube and started watch strategy videos. I then signed up to Chess.com and started playing matches. Sometimes against players ranked twice as high as me. And, like Neo did with Kung-Fu in the Matrix, "I know Chess."

I've gotten good but still make stupid mistakes. I'm hovering around 700 on Chess.com but am often most competive against players ranked 1200-1400 (and have won a number of mis-matches like that).

There is so much to Chess that helps with life and politics and everything.

Learning the strategies, if able to apply to real-life, can radically change the way you approach "problems." I even used a chess analogy recently when speaking at an economic conference.

Either way, I recommend learning chess. "friend" me ( http://www.chess.com/members/view/jaktober ) and we can help each other better our ability to lead the world toward a better society.


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Chess is a Great Game.

Chess is a great game. I play online at www.chessclub.com. Last August I met a fellow chess player at PaulFest. It made the event even better for me. Enjoy!

Edgar Morgan