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Putin Says No to US Request to Turn Over Snowden: "He's In a Moscow Airport"- 2:20 PM ET 6/25

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin bluntly rejected U.S. pleas to turn over National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden on Tuesday, saying he is free to travel wherever he wants and insisting that Russian security agencies haven't contacted him.

Snowden is in the transit zone of a Moscow airport and has not passed through Russian immigration, Putin said, meaning he is not technically in Russia.


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Spaceeba Mr. Putin for not turning Edward Snowden over to U.S. Authorities...
He is a hero in most American's eyes and the World.
Hey MSM...Where are all the "polls"?
Interesting, DA?

Good for him. He's no angel

Good for him. He's no angel himself, but no use kowtowing to the big bad U.S g'ment. This probably raised him a few notches in the eyes of his people as a strong leader who isn't going to take sh*t from the [other] evil empire.

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Putin figuratively just said: 'Nyet' You!

Actually, it's another technicality that foiled this latest plan to get their hands on Snowden. In Hong Kong it was incorrect paperwork, and now this, Snowden not yet on Russian soil. Could he board another plane without putting a foot down?

What's Speilberg's take?


US pretends it has the final authority.

But maybe a lot of governments would break diplomatic relations with a government that disrespects all human's right to privacy and due process.

My guess is that the State Department is filled with Commandants not diplomats.

Free includes debt-free!

How to get to ICELAND----Murmansk Airport first stop

Edward Snowden could fly that chartered plane to Murmansk, Russia, and refuel there enroute to ICELAND.

How would he get there SAFELY?

TAKE MSM REPORTERS WITH YOU---CNN, MSN, NBC, ABC---that way the US government won't shoot the plane down-----also, take a few Icelandic bound citizens with you, too. This is vital, if possible.

Then, fly around Finland & Sweden & Norway from Murmansk, Russia enroute to Iceland. With refueling, they should have enough to make it there, and then, some.

I believe they have already checked this out. They need a 100% TRUSTED pilot & co-pilot flying the plane. DO NOT FLY IT ON AUTO-PILOT. I have no knowledge of planes, but this is just my "take" on the seriousness of the situation...


As well he should have

The US has been the "bully" for many years now, lying to the public through their complicit media, committing crimes against humanity & unbelievable atrocities, all the while brainwashing the masses into thinking we are some fat paragon of virtue.

Well, I think Americans are waking up now, and all my friends are talking about Edward Snowden and how disgusting it is our own government has betrayed "us" in listening to our calls, recording them, looking at our texts, etc.

I mean, where is our feeling of freedom to say & do what we want to do within the boundary of our laws? GONE, that's where, GONE!

Ramping up the rhetoric.

A CIA controlled regional destabilization operation perhaps?

Nobody is forgetting that; maybe you're missing the point?

I doubt anyone on this board is dim enough to think Putin is some sort of exemplar of human rights. And I don't think Putin is seriously trying to convince people he is. But he IS interested in making the point that US is not really any better than Russia. And Obama is no better than him. And you know what? Point taken. The US isn't so much "Land of the Free" as it is "Land of the Hypocrites".

The US has NO moral authority anymore.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

This is also known as loss of American soft power

The US could never stand on its military empire alone. The projection of US soft power around the world was based on the tantalizing idea that the United States remained, largely, a beacon of freedom in the world. While the Bush administration may have created major cracks and fault-lines in this source of power, the Obama administration's expansion of the surveillance apparatus, and its outing, have shown that the US can no longer project its influence on the world stage on matters outside of military cooperation and trade deals. This is leading to a large consensus, around the world, that the US has betrayed, not only its founding documents, but the dignity of its own people and the dignity of people living in many, if not all, foreign nations.

Um, no. Former head of the KGB....

...Putin himself is the spy's spy. This is a cold war extension game for him and he knows how to play.

Just like a former agency member with unclear origins is president of this nation, Russia has the same.

It's a game for him. He's having fun poking us in the eye. Think Russia doesn't do exactly the same thing to its citizens? They have a long, long history of it. They just didn't get caught. DC did.

Putin ran Lyublyanka, Russia's Gitmo. Don't forget that.



I loved his comment about

I loved his comment about shearing a pig. He really is laughing at us, and sounds more freedom-loving than our own government does. That was funny,

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Not just a pig - a piglet!

"Ask yourself a question: should people like that be extradited so that they put them in prison or not?" [Putin] said. "In any case, I would prefer not to deal with such issues. It's like shearing a piglet: a lot of squealing and little wool."

The whole world is laughing at the USG. They're very happy to see USG thwarted, for once.

This is a classic David vs. Goliath tale.

Yes, Squeal Piggy

The US government and lawmakers are squealing like stuck pigs.


Maybe, just maybe Edward Snowden has something on them and they don't know which of them piglets is going to get exposed..


They are surely sweating it out- No?

I'm loving it - Snowden has them in the proverbial CROSSHAIRS..


This has less to do with

This has less to do with Obama as he is just a puppet, and more to do with the alphabet soup agency bureaucrats and their controllers.

How can other country's respect the US when the federal government doesn't respect its own people or anyone else? The federal government massively spies on its own people and commits every form of atrocity all over the planet.