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Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing

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How can truthers suppore Sibel

Truthers are not only not critical thinkers, but almost are incapable of any critical or original thought. To see a complete analysis of the truther movement that includes most of its members, I would suggest that you read "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer. This book was published about 60 years ago, and it is as accurate today as it was then.

I'd never really heard of Sibel/Corbett

But the more I am researching, the more they seem legit.

Here are some links of Russell Tice on Countdown with Keith Olbermann trying to whistleblow on the US government spying on Americans in general, the media and unidentified groups and also a synopsis on a daily KOS blog asking why no other media will carry it: SHARE, SHARE, SHARE (I wonder if this could be the REAL reason Olbermann was jettisoned?)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqigfE0nBs0 [Olbermann/Tice part 1]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvXX7hliz1U [Olbermann/Tice part 2]

I think this is

my favorite vid of Corbett's:

9-11: A Conspiracy Theory


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Who is Sibel Edmonds?

She is was the one who lead out with info that supported the 'Let It Happen On Purpose' LIHOP segment of the 9-11 Truth Movement with her testimony to the 9-11 commission that actually supported the official story.

Edmond's letter to 9-11 Commission:

Most 9-11 truthers do NOT believe the LIHOP angle, nor the official story so why do they support Sibel? Cognitive dissonance? Mesmerized by a pretty face? Where is the critical thinking? How does she get so much support here? 50+ upvotes for a video that's over 1hr long? Did you who voted this up even watch it? I must be missing a lot of good info huh?

Maybe there are actors in this whole game? Actors connected to military intelligence/FBI/CIA? Actors in real life and online?

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

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It will blow your socks off. She is one of the most important whistleblowers of our time. And, on top of that...she is a beautiful woman. (And a formidable one at that).

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

She is a Turkish Jew. Very

She is a Turkish Jew. Very impressive patriot IMO! I wish more knew about her.

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David...here is your chance to know more about her.

Check out her news post boilingfrogspost.com and James Corbett as well at corbettreport.com

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I watched it and have shared

I watched it and have shared it!

Her message is about honesty and truth.

It's beyond most Americans, that can't listen to it for an hour. ;)

Immediate soundbytes to feel good, don't feel good? Move on.


she hails from my old hometown, Bend, Oregon.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I'm encouraged.

10,700+ views in 2 days. And that isn't counting the podcast listeners such as myself who have already listened to it.

Sibel's Style

I see this brave woman as a highly intelligent detail oriented person. Because the history of what she is talking about has so many aspects it can take awhile to break it down. I think our attention spans have been destroyed by all of the dumbed-down entertainment stimulation we receive on a daily basis. If you got a transcript of what she said you would see that she wasted no words. She talks a lot because she has a lot to say. Corbett is a very good listener.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

Someting about this woman

annoys the crap out of me.

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Something about you...

turns me into a psychopath.

So there... Mr. anal-retentive psychobabble bull shizzle nonsense purveyor of nothingness.

Something about you....really brings out the worst in the rest of us.

At least Sibel speaks out.

What is your excuse?

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


try saving the angry outbursts for the revolution, eh?

its called

xenophobia. try judging substance not style.


Not at all, my dear fellow. Not at all. That would require me to fear her or her message. Whereas, I would rather believe her than not, but I just can't, quite, do to her constant anxious undertones and lack of proof other than her ramblings.

All you little angry attackers ought to get a hold of yourselves, you quite obviously have NO clue what my overall position is. But because I am not jumping up and down with "haha SEEE?" like you all, your panties are all bunched up. You're no better than the Neocon and Liberal shills when you do that, so please buck up at bit or don't post if you don't want any commentary.

another meaningful post

anxious undertones?

a woman who has spent over a decade fighting against all forms of government harassment and abuses has every right to be anxious. a decade supporting the whistleblowers and peoples who have alerted the public to the details that allow you to know why your tagline is a clever in teh first place.


try reading her book or her articles (and put down the video for a few minutes) if you need some proof as to what she speaks of.

there is no ha SEE from this poster. just someone who supports people who put their well-being on the line to support people who work endlessly to make things better.

unlike your uninformed babble (self proclaimed as commentary) about anxiety and proof in favor of pretending to know more than someone deep in the fight.

You guys

need a time out.

It means your BS sniffer is working

If she was for real, she wouldn't be anywhere as near popular as she is among the disenfrancised socialists.

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Granger you really disappoint me on this one.

Yeah...I tore up your reimbursement check because in principle I knew you were a better girl than that and i would support you through thick and thin.

But your bizarre....BIZARRE remarks about Sibel Edmonds...who as an FBI whistleblower who has had to undergo many many days of threats....your completely bizarre remarks about her...automatically discounts anything you have EVER said.

Please level with me: Where the HELL are you coming from??

At one point...(when I donated you money)...I consider you are my friend. At the next point, like this one, where you verbally assault the patriot Sibel Edmonds (as opposed to standing with her)....you seem like an enemy of the state.

Which is it?

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I seem like an enemy of the state?

How the hell did I rate enemy of the state statis? Did I work for the FBI? Did I work for the CIA? Did I ever work for any government branch, department, contractor? No.. Is that what qualifies me an an enemy of the state? I don't get that.

I did work for a corporation once... I didn't know I had blown a whistle when I blew a whistle on my boss. All I knew was I was immediately fired by the president when I blew that whistle I didn't know I had. And then I was black listed from the state.. and a lot of stuff happened.. a lot of very very bad stuff, not just to me, but my family... and all I'm going to say much about it here on DP, (where I have always been very open and honest with myself, and why I'm willing to be wrong, because I'm willing to be corrected), is that as a former whistle blower, there are no laws that actually can protect you, even when they say there are. No one who blows a whistle is ever entirely free to say what they learned and live.

That said.. Edmonds is an iceberg to me. Get it? Maybe that too cold water for (((((sharky))))) to swim in to be able to get it?

Edmonds is entertainment. Enjoy. But to believe Edmonds.. that's not for me.. it doesn't work like she appears.. free to say what she wants.

I went into a restaurant once and saw they had, "Turkey nuts", on the menu. I asked the waitress, "What's 'Turkey nuts'"?

She said, "we call them as we see them". So I placed my order and got myself a big bowl of turkey nuts.. deep fried nuggets with a spicy dipping sauce. They were great. Better than chicken wings IMO.

The moral of the story is, not everyone likes turkey nuts, but the people who like turkey nuts really really like turkey nuts, the hard part is finding them on a menu.

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Then you DEFINITELY have some issues in regards to...

...taking up for the Establishment.

Rather that attempt to rally and find common ground to defeat this tyranny with your socialist and anarchist friends and ex-neocon and ex-neoliberal and AUTHENTIC conservatives and liberals....you would just dismiss the FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds as an "iceberg".


Well, at least the iceberg, though deadly, gets the attention of the boat master....even if it is too late to turn the Titanic.

I will now revisit my much earlier comments about you....but you DEFINITELY seem like a disinformation agent. [Prove me wrong.]

If you are not, then why....oh WHY....are you taking up for the Establishment position on each of these "events"?

Its one thing to disagree. But your stance is totally pro-state-run media....and against people like Ben Swann and Sibel Edmonds and Glenn Greenwald for that matter...who dare....DARE....to tell the truth.

ONE LAST NOTE: Sibel Edmonds RISKED HER LIFE (just like Edward Snowden and William Binney and others) to set the record straight.

From your attack on Sibel, I see no real efforts on your part of "risking your life" in relation to this story. [Prove me wrong.]

You can't shut it down. You can't stop the TRUTH.

And the TRUTH...will set you free.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


What I don't like about truthers the most, is they use 911 as a reason why they don't replace the crooks in government and become the government they want.

JUSTICE will set me free. That's MY truth.

What isnt real

Can you name one thing about her that isnt real? Do you have anything to say that has substance or meaning?

What disenfrachised socialists does she attract? Do you have any evidence of that?

Can you explain why Ron Paul wanted to work on common ground across the aisle, with all parties? Would those include socialists? WOuld those include left wing people.

Do you have anything to add here? Or it is you goal to rack up negative ratings spouting the idiocy and ignorance you are famous here for?

You are shame. You speak with prejudice, ignorance, and fear.

her freedom for one isn't for real

Where does her freedom to say what she says come from when others are in exile?

Her fan bass when I first heard of her come from the left media.

Ron Paul was a messenger that came from the right, but attracted the antiwar and procannabis activists on the left (many who remain on the left and refuse to join him and Rand on the right).

All I have to add is that by telling me who and what I am, you fail the libertarian test of standing of, by and for yourself.


What does "where her freedom" comes from have to do with her being part of an angenda? What does people being in exile have to do with this discussion (other than her being the founder of a National Whistleblower coalition and representing 100s of people who are looking to keep the American people informed. Including Russ Tice from the NSA who came out way before certain 'exiled' persons and disclosed much more specific and useful information)?

Her fan base (not bass by the way)? She is an independent journalist running an independent media site with the assistance of over a dozen committed independant journalists. She doesnt operate to a fan base. ANd her efforts are non partisan.

Your attempt to spin a left moniker here is totally unfounded and irrelevant. If you took the time to know her story, read her book, followed even a crumb of her reporting, you would find numerous articles she and her team have done that supported Ron Paul and what he stood for.

I dont look to pass your convoluted test of Libertarianism. WHat i do is call out your ignorance when you show up on threads spewing ridiculous claims without substance or an ability to back it up. It matters when people try and sway a discussion without merit or insight.

Its a common flaw in your postings. And you know it.

Let's get something straight

I misspell, spellcheck doesn't work for dyslexics like me, and if you don't like it, ignor my posts because I'm not going to edit my mispellings and I don't care what you think about that.

I believe in a free market that is based in supply and demand.. Edmonds supplies a source for (truthers especially) people who see corruption, and I call them fans because to me, she and her organization are entertainment.

They have not stopped government corruption, we all know it exists on many levels.. you see something wrong, you can turn to Edmonds. Will that protect you? NO. If she did Snowjob would go there. Back in the good old days.. you could go to Ralph Nader's Piublic Citizen and actiually get legal help.

Journalists have fans, and some journalists become media stars, or YouTube sensations. They all get paid for attracting consumers (fans). If Edmonds is doing anything more than giving whislblowers a place to vent and her fans confirmation of what they already know, good. Enjoy it. I think it's a waste of time and energy.

Tell me.. what is going to come from Edmond's YouTubes? Peace? Justice? Liberty? Truth with teeth to change the corruption? You think some collective of people is going to change the corruption? I suggest you make sure that what you do is not corrupt, and if you can do that, you have done more than most. To think that Edmonds and her fan club is going to expose and stop corruption means you don't understand the world you live in, are very nieve (to say the least).

Your name calling and insults don't help your argument, only prove your frustration.

I'm not a Libertarian. Been there done that. I'm a Zionist conservative, not to be confused with a Neocon because I am not for a UNNWO but restoring the Bill of Rights, power of gold and rights of ownership. I don't believe in entitlements and do believe the progressives mean well, but don't think as well as they feel, which your name calling and insults indicate you're on the left.. probably came here thinking you could battle the right and found common ground with others who are learning about what is liberty.

Ron and Rand Paul take huge learning curves, de-programming, and not being afraid to say what you mean and mean what you say. I am not afraid of being wrong.. that's how I learn.. so if I'm wrong about Edmonds, I would have to see where her organization actually protected a whistlblower and ended the corruption. I don't see that.. I see a jornalist who attracts conspiracy theorists.

I have a large collection of tin foil hats.. I LOVE conspiracy theory.. had a great interest in Edmonds long before I Daily Paul was created, shortly after 911 and when I had conspiracy magazine subscriptions.

Enjoy Edmonds, but don't expect everyone else to, for you will only upset yourself.

I have grown a new respect

for you Granger. Good stuff, well put, dismantled the opposition.


you get something straight

you lie. you misrepresent. its obvious to anyone who has done the research, read what you havent, and invested time to understand things being discussed.

you demagogue and distort. you use terms to discredit things when you havent a clue what you are saying. this last response is one of many in the same vein.

a source for truthers? entertainment? do you expect that to carry weight? how and via what magic. you can't provide any context or support for your claims. so they have no validity. no place in a discussion nor an argument. its empty, vapid, meaningless, and more importantly...untrue.

you have no idea what whistleblowers do. no clue about the national coalition does. if you did, you wouldnt peddle this drivel, you wouldnt try and offer empty idea to those who have an idea. who have done the work.

if you want to know what has come from Edmonds...look up the interviews with countless persons who know. Whether they are journalists, whistelblowers, senators, Person's of the year, experts, or intellectuals. people who know what she has done. for you to characterize her contributions in such a manner makes you look so small, so ignorant, so empty. your own words are laughable.

I will leave your self avowed Zionist claims to the judgement of history.

Its a good thing you are confortable being wrong. Becasue that is all you ever are. Wrong. Decietful. Ignorant. Prejudiced.

You again offered not ONE bit of support for your arguments. Empty. Vapid. As has been mentioned.