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Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing

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I think they tried black

I think they tried black mailing General Petreaus but he didn't dance to their so his affair was exposed.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

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Or....they made up his

Or....they made up his affair.

Make sure you read her book,

Make sure you read her book, "Classified Woman". I regard that book as mandatory reading.

Wiki background on Russ Tice

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Edmonds explains clearly why a whistleblower such as Snowden

cannot take "official" routes in exposing corruption...no one would hear the whistle.

Undo what Wilson did

Gotta love Sibel Edmonds. She's pretty, intelligent, and a

patriot. Bump.

I understand your priority listing of loves

but I know most of us would know her at all if she were not, first of all, a patriot. Ms. Edmonds conscience on right and wrong lawfulness of what she learned compelled her to seek the proper channels of disclosure.

When she learned that the channels offered were dead ends to cover their own butts, she followed the most intelligent course she could find to share what she had found with the public who were being impacted by the harm done internally.

And, yes, it doesn't hurt my eyes either, that Sibel is as pretty as she appears on camera; but I believe that for the other reasons I've given, her smile looks even sweeter.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

: ) Ah yes, gotcha. I will say that being a patriot and

intelligent makes her all the more attractive.

Would a scandalized politico be willing to come forward?

Anthony Wiener comes to mind. His exit was abrupt and seemed staged in a way.

I know this may get me downvotes, but is it possible that this is why Jim Demint and Sarah Palin quit politics? I notice Palin 'hints' at things without quite spitting it out, while Jim Demint has buried himself deeply into the background of Heritage.

It would also explain John McCain's positions which are the opposite of what Barry Goldwater would do even though it is well known that Goldwater was always McCain's idol.

In McCain's case, I think it

In McCain's case, I think it is mostly due to his mental state. They created him, and he is a true believer. They prob have stuff on him just in case, but McCain exudes genuine neo-conservatism.

"Scum Rises to the Top"

How many times have you heard me say exactly the same over the years? LoL There was a reason for my constant repetition. Scum DOES rise to the top including almost every famous person. People, please STOP idolizing other people.

SiBel Edmonds argues the case for the whistle-blower brilliantly. The WHOLE system of corporate government (fascism) is a corrupt fiefdom consisting of blackmailed scum. Although the interview is long, EVERY American should view this monologue by SiBel.... I was clapping by the end of the interview ....

Applause for SiBel, please! She deserves the applause for this interview. Don't idolize her (she's flawed like all of us), but thank her for her insight.

Sibel is THE Patriot

Been doing research for many years. Havent found a more compelling person, story, activist, defender of the republic.

Her book, her website, her efforts all rank high on the list. If you dont know her or her work....get to know her.


yeah right

patriot to a UNNWO

in what way

what do you even know about her? did you read her book? do you know her story?

or is this just another in an endless run of ignorant statements you make concerning people, government, countries, and politics?

provide an example. some evidence. anything at all to support your view here. go ahead.

for years

yes, I know her story and to me, she's there to attract idiots who want to destroy America and have NOTHING to replace what they are so willing to lose.

vapid response once again

i didnt ask what you think she is there to do. i asked you for an example of your claims she serves a UNNWO.

Any fact, idea, reference, or thing of substance. And you reply with a concept of her "wanting to destroy America"?

Could you evidence any more ignorance of this woman?

You claim to know her story but everything you say begs to differ. And you can't even respond with a single idea to support your empty claims.

WHat is your point on this thread?