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2012 Olympic Logo

Something I missed last year is that the 2012 London Olympics logo spelled out "ZION" and there were some other strange things about how the event was organized.


It has been pointed out that a lot of major corporate logos seem to have some sort of hidden meaning (NWO type stuff), and most people dismiss it because how could so many companies all have this sort of stuff? Either people are seeing something that isn't there, or it is a coincidence.

But ...

What if most of the major companies in the world all have ONE company doing their major branding/logo work? What if ONE company did the important work of deciding how the logo should work and then other companies do minor things that don't mean anything?

Wolff Olins is a branding company that has been branding major corporations' logos (and Olympic logos, lately) since the 1960's. If one company, or even a handful, do a large number of major logos, then it would make sense. The above article discusses their work, and their website shows many famous companies that they have done. (By the way, Wally Olins' father was a freemason. Just sayin')


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8 years of reading this site and I still understand the world completely and fully...

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Also looks like a lady with a

Also looks like a lady with a fro blowin' a dude. I highly doubt either were done on purpose.