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Rand Paul asks FEMA about drones, claims 'just model planes'

I guess I’d be nervous too if Senator Paul asked me about my secret stash of drones! Today, Timothy Manning, FEMA deputy administrator, was questioned by Senator Paul during a Senate hearing on FEMA’s usage or purchase of drones. Unintentional comedy ensues:

Waiting for Youtube.

You can watch the clip here:

RAND PAUL: Are FEMA preparedness grants being used to purchase drones?

MANNING (FEMA): Senator, uh, no. Dro–there are…there have been some grantees that have purchased remote controlled low-level aircraft…basically RV, um, like what you…would think of as uh, like a hobby aircraft…that have, uh, cameras for monitoring…

Don’t worry, citizen. FEMA just has some toy planes with, uh, cameras for monitoring stuff. Senator Paul proceeded to remind the FEMA officials of the infamous MIAC documents put out by a Missouri Homeland Security fusion center in 2009.

Two clips here: http://iroots.org/2013/06/25/video-fema-asked-about-drones-b...

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I like how he got the jab in on the Fusion Centers targeting

Ron Paul supporters/delegates as disclosed in Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theories.

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To me..

Rand Paul's body language, specifically sitting with the side of his face in his hand the way he does, just reeks of... hmmm how can I say this.. expectation of bullshyte? as in.. "right.. right.. surreeeee."

and if you put any faith in the theory of nods or headshakes being at odds with what the person is saying indicating dis-truth then this is pretty interesting, look at 1:15 lol

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His body language was pretty strange

I can't believe that that FEMA guy would actually say, "No..." initially to the drone question...and try to deflect with they are just toys? It's hilarious and freaky!

I think Rand is probably doing his best to keep his cool when confronted by such craziness. - I added a second clip to the link above...talks about FEMA purchasing snow cone makers and armored vehicles in small towns.

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Yep. Here we go again.

I'll get back to you on that.

Ah, yeah, but... I'll have to get back you on that.

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