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Massive 9/11 Billboard Coming to Times Square This September

New York to Learn Once and For All a Third Tower Fell on 9/11

The Remember Building 7 campaign is pleased to announce that we have contributed the remaining $50,000 of the funds raised during the 10th anniversary toward a larger joint effort with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth called “ReThink911 .”

ReThink911 will include outdoor and transit advertising in 11 major cities around the world this September 2013, coupled with grassroots actions in dozens of cities worldwide.

In furtherance of Remember Building 7’s mission, ReThink911 will be spearheaded by a massive 50-foot billboard in the heart of Times Square asking passers by if they know a third tower fell on 9/11.

Towering over the surrounding blocks, this billboard will attract the attention of nearly one million pedestrians each day and set the stage for New York and the whole world to learn a large 47-story skyscraper also fell on 9/11.

Donate Now to Make This Billboard a Reality in September


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I just don't know how to upload direct from my computer, so I'll have to up load somewhere else then copy. Patience please. It may take me a while :(

Undo what Wilson did

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I upvoted you for not being a follower and being willing to share info even if it pisses people off. I have never heard any of this information, but even if true, do you believe 9/11 was pulled off by Bin Laden? Just curious what your thoughts are.

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Thanks JackieK, and you are the first to ever ask me

such a question.
I believe the named hijackers indeed flew the planes into the buildings. I make no assertion beyond that.
What I do know is the Bush ADM obstructed both investigative Commissions, particularly regarding the planning and financing of the operation. There is evidence of FBI, CIA, and Saudi involvement. We do not know to what extent, because all the FBI files were redacted, and the Commissions ultimately were controlled by the Administration. IMHO, that is the trail which needs following if we are ever to find the truth. Phillip Marshall, former airline captain and pilot for Barry Seal, covered much of this in his book, "The Big Bamboozle". He was in the process of another book with purportedly more revelations, but ended up committing suicide. Go figure.

Undo what Wilson did

The Quick And Dirty

Never before in history had a steel framed building collapsed from fire. Everyone knows about the 2 towers of the WTC that fell. However, people attribute that to "they also got hit by planes!!!" Building 7, however, did NOT get hit by a plane and yet it fell. And not only did it fall but it fell at free-fall speed for the first few seconds. That indicates there was literally zero resistance for that part of the fall. That doesn't jive with the "pancake" theory from the official story (each floor fell on the floor below, crushing it). If there were pancaking then there would be resistance. Think of the speed of when you drop a coin to the floor. THAT is the speed the building collapsed at for the first few seconds. And it was caused by office fires, NOT a plane. PLUS the building fell symmetrically despite there being asymmetrical damage from the fire. And there was very little if any of the towers that fell on it so that's no excuse either.

Plus, there is the line from Larry Silverstein (in a documentary from after 9/11) saying how the the decision was made to "pull it" (which is a term saying "blow the building up"). To blow the building up, however, it first needs to have explosives planted in it at the right spots. It is NOT something that could just be decided on/carried out that day.

You should really watch the AE911 truth video. People can say "conspiracy kook" all day but these are SCIENTISTS making these points. In fact, one of these scientists is a man named Robert Bowman who was in charge of the "star wars" program under presidents Ford and Carter.

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Bldg 7 fell down

ju just get a compooter

No been online since AOL had

No been online since AOL had full firstname.lastname usernames in the early 90s. I just don't follow some of the more fringe elements here. I assume based on the text that there is some conspiracy stuff about how it fell, and why, etc. I just hadn't heard that story before.

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Welcome to the matrix...

Keep asking questions. The only difference between us and peasants of different historical time spans is the internet. Find all of your own answers, it will suprise you and make you sick to your stomach at times. Find out for yourself: WTC building 7, operation paperclip, mkultra, monarch programming( www.vigilantcitizen.com ), haarp, chemtrails, etc. Get your answers with a shovel on your own, not with a spoon filled by corporate sponsors. Welcome to the craziest world imaginable. Just make sure you share what you learn with the people you love, whether or not you think that they will perceive you as crazy.
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7 World Trade Center fell without being hit

From Wikipedia:
"The original 7 World Trade Center was 47 stories tall, clad in red exterior masonry, and occupied a trapezoidal footprint. An elevated walkway connected the building to the World Trade Center plaza. The building was situated above a Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) power substation, which imposed unique structural design constraints. When the building opened in 1987, Silverstein had difficulties attracting tenants. In 1988, Salomon Brothers signed a long-term lease, and became the main tenants of the building. On September 11, 2001, 7 WTC was damaged by debris when the nearby North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. The debris also ignited fires, which continued to burn throughout the afternoon on lower floors of the building. The building's internal fire suppression system lacked water pressure to fight the fires, and the building collapsed completely at 5:21:10 pm.[2] The collapse began when a critical internal column buckled and triggered structural failure throughout, which was first visible from the exterior with the crumbling of a rooftop penthouse structure at 5:20:33 pm."

BBC reported that the Solomon Brothers building collapsed as a result of weakening due to fires that had spread from the initial attack. Unfortunately for BBC, the building is shown behind the reporter's left shoulder, still standing.


Then you have Larry Silverstein and the "Pull It" comment. What does that mean? Pull people out, pull the building down?

I still don't understand the

I still don't understand the concern. Your concern is a building (Building 7) was destroyed intentionally? Why? Was someone you knew killed? Did you get stuck for the bill on the cleanup? Are you upset because you just like buildings? This whole thing is baffling. It's like joining the Kim Kardashian Fan Club... Just one of life's eternal mysteries.

thanks for the info.And I'm

thanks for the info.

And I'm sorry for the other posters, but as soon as I see the word "Chemtrails" you lost significant legitimacy in my book (i was chemistry major in college).

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

look at

architects & engineers 911 site - comprehensive use startpage 4 site

Fantastic news!!!

Power to them, to get people THINKING again, talking again.



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Here is where to purchase the Video on 3" Mini-DVD


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!