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5 Ways You'll Lose Money in the Next 5 years

Not related to Ed Snowden, the NSA or Vladmir Putin.

We live in strange times. There are unimaginable amounts of money at stake, and someone is going to lose big, and that someone could be you. Here are the biggest risks that I see on the horizon.

1. Bond Funds

It's number one for a reason. If you have bond-based mutual funds in your 401(k), you have some crazy risk going on. The reason being, interest rates are basically the lowest they've been in the history of civilization, and this means bond prices are peaked out. There's almost no going up, because interest rates can't get much lower. Sell now, invest in moldy ox hooves, lead paint for kids, anything but bonds.

The worst part about these bond funds is that almost everyone over 50 has been automatically funneled into these funds by employer provided 401(k)s. Ask your loved-ones and friends if they have lots of bonds in their portfolio.

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No offense to moldy oxen.

No offense to moldy oxen.

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