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American Press Is Defending Government Secrecy vs Individual Privacy

I don't have this afternoon's video yet

I took a veteran's car to the tire store and while I waited for the work to be done I was watching CNN's non-stop coverage of the "NSA Leaker".

Wolf Blitzer had all the zeal of a Nazi SS officer interrorgating the WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson...

Wolf just kept pumping him for intel on Snowden like he was running a manhunt.

As I sat back and watched CNN parade all of the criminal ex-CIA "CNN Contributors" I realized that the press (CNN) really is a criminal arm of a criminal government.

Today it was pure government propaganda -- Obama looks like crap right now with Nations flipping him off.

The press is all-hands-on-deck to get this guy Snowden.

Hundreds of lies in mere minutes just streamed from their mouths.

And Kristinn Hrafnsson just brushed aside all the conspiracy theories as absurd

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