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4000 Year Old Egyptian Statue Moving On It's Own Power Caught on Time Lapse

I'm open to theories. :)


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Attach some velcro to the bottom and the stand, that ought to do it.


Not possible? Check this out.

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Possibly the vibrations of

Possibly the vibrations of the AC unit with the Coriolis effect?


Slow down the footage and you'll see the person/people moving it. I've seen Harryhausen bring myths to life in a similar fashion, but at least he got their limbs to move.

it was moved near a window

maybe it's somehow tracking a star, Egyptians built the Pyramids on alignment with stars

It doesn't move after hours,

It doesn't move after hours, so I guess the curators aren't willing to give up sleep for the hoax.

Velcro oughta hold it

I wonder if museum traffic was down and they thought this up to attract more people. It is harmless fun if that's what they're doing. Otherwise I'm guessing ghost mummy.

The key piece of evidence is...

that the statue has been moved to a new shelf.

If I had the opportunity to investigate, my first item of interest would be the coefficient of friction of the new shelf versus the old shelf. This phenomena can be explained through physics, but one would have to know the variables and model the situation.

Where's Lattimer & Bering?!!! Warehouse 13!!

It's definitely an "artifact"!!!

It needs to be "Snagged, Bagged & Tagged"!!

My guess

The statuette may be more resonant to environmental vibrations, unlike similarly sized objects nearby, due to its material composition causing it to move.


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too funny!

Resonance is a good direction to go!


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Introducing my

We Need Business And Revenue NOW Moving Statue Hoax Theory

Possessed by the ghost of Sammy Davis Jr.???

Either that or perhaps vibrations of the ground are causing it to move, like the old electric football games:


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Come on, man

everyone knows it's...Scooby-Doo!


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